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Coinerr: The New Crypto that Can Reshape the Industry

Cryptocurrency is nothing new. Now and then, new cryptos are popping up. It’s difficult to say how many of them can make a long-lasting impression. Coinerr bright chain is different in that aspect. The way it operates and its future goals are unique and unlike anything.

When you scratch the surface, Coinerr might seem like a trivial cryptocurrency. But when you go a little deep, everything about this brand-new cryptocurrency will blow your mind. The three main mottos of Coinerr are to eradicate online fraud and make online shopping better and safer. The second goal is to make banking easier for the general public. The third, the most important, is making the world better not only for people in need but also for everyone.

To understand the depth of Coinerr, you’ll have to go through everything Coinerr boasts. A comprehensive overview of Coinerr and its offerings will open your eyes to this unique cryptocurrency. I will go step by step to give you a brief but explicit insight about Coinerr and what you should expect from it.

An Introduction To Coinerr

Coinerr is the latest wonder in the crypto market. While it may seem like any other cryptocurrency, there are many unique things about Coinerr. Let’s have a look:

  • Prevent Online Frauds

Online shopping has become the newest trend. Mobile and the internet have made e-commerce widely available to people. The pandemic just boosted the demand for online shopping. But when you are buying from the comforts of your home, there’s a trade-off. You cannot see beforehand what you are buying. Payment is also an issue.

Few merchants offer cash on delivery: most demand full advance payment or partial payment. Even if they don’t scam you, there is no guarantee that the product you get is the one you want. So, you are kind of rolling the dice here. And then comes the scam. People lose millions of dollars by various Fraudulent activities online Every year.

In 2021, people lost 20 billion US dollars to e-commerce related scams. In 2020, the figure was 17.5 billion. The jump was 14% which is significant. Zeoni marketplace by Coinerr aims to solve that problem. Both buyers and sellers will deposit a fund to the zeoni authorities.

Zeoni marketplace wants to provide safety for everyone like freelancers, online sellers, customers, etc. The smart contract will only release the respective amount after both parties are happy with the deal. So, there is no chance of scamming or other frauds.

  • Electronic Banking

Banking used to be dull. Going to the bank waiting to deposit or withdraw was time-consuming and tedious. With the genesis of electronic banking, things eased up a bit. Every bank nowadays offers electronic banking facilities. You can deposit or transfer money from your mobile using apps. You can also withdraw cash 24/7 from ATMs.

Cryptocurrency and traditional currency don’t collaborate. But that doesn’t apply to Coinerr. Coinerr aims to bring all kinds of facilities to its members. The goal is to make people’s life easier in the banking sector. Banking transactions will be a breeze thanks to the Tranzacto wallet by Coinerr.

You can do all kinds of things from a smartphone or computer, from the comfort of your home. Transferring funds for retail shopping, paying bills, etc., has never been easier. You can store your tokens with other cryptos in the Tranzacto wallet. You can also convert your crypto to fiat and vice versa.

  • Contributing to a Better World

If you think Coinerr will spend your fund lavishly for their luxury, that’s not the case here. You have the right to be skeptical because that’s what most corporations do. That’s where Coinerr is different. Their target is to build a better world with sustainable development. To achieve that, transparency with the members is essential.

Coinerr’s Satqa foundation is all about making peoples’ lives better. They emphasize the transparency of every transaction. A contract records all the transactions. Satqa charity by the Coinerr authorities is a registered company with open bank accounts and data. Development programs cost a lot of money.

To make the development sustainable and long-lasting, it even requires more money. So Coinerr works with a clear plan. The target is to collect a specific fund every year. If they can’t reach the target, they fulfill the fund from their revenues. The next goal is to conduct charity programs in rural areas.

The goal is to ensure long-term developments such as water supply, electricity, etc. That’s not all. Satqa charity has a unique aspect. This feature is unlike any charity fund out there. The special part of this feature is that the members of the Coinerr community can participate in this.

They can vote for a specific area and also budget. Not only that. To ensure further transparency, Coinerr will live stream the entire charity program by Satqa till the end on popular platforms for clarity. Thus, not only do their members get to know where their money is going, but people around the world will know it too. It will make them inspired to join the cause.

What Coinerr Offers At The Moment

Besides the primary features I just mentioned above, Coinerr has quite a few hidden magic. Let’s take a look:

  • Pay for online services using Tranzacto.
  • Use Tranzacto cards to pay online. or
  • Use Tranzacto cards to withdraw money from any ATM in the world.
  • Trading in the Zeoni marketplace and partners shops without risking potential scams.
  • Backed with big investors.

The Motivation Behind Coinerr

Some examples of Internet fraud are business fraud, credit card fraud, non-delivery of merchandise, etc. Consumers have lost more than $3.3 billion to various scams, which is $1.5 more than 2019. 22% of scams reported money lost which sums to about $1.2 billion. The median amount consumers paid in such cases was $311.

Prevention of such unfortunate events and providing everyone with a safe, secure, and trustable online experience is the main inspiration behind the Coinerr initiative.

How Coinerr Aims to Spread Its Reach?

Gaining people’s trust is the precursor to any business. When there is money involved, gaining trust becomes tenfold difficult. So that’s the primary goal of Coinerr. Their target is to expand their business and make their products available to all the people in the world. They want to achieve it by resorting to Press Releases, Paid Advertising, Influencer marketing, etc.

Social media is the easiest way to reach mass people, so Coinerr put that first by opening and operating a social media account on all major platforms. Also, they are working to achieve all top-tier exchanges to list Coinerr on their websites. Most businesses might ask for many strict regulations and the listing fee, which is very common in the crypto industry.

So, they have chosen to set a 20% of their token. This will play a significant role in favor of marketing and listing. A proper marketing plan and making a place on important exchanges is a massive boost, so they’re aiming towards that. Coinerr’s various projects and coin investors are also a plus point.


While still in its infancy, Coinerr already seems very promising to investors for its innovative solutions to crypto finance and the world for its focus on charity and various other kinds of philanthropic aims. So, if the potential and ideals of Coinerr interest you, it would be wise to invest early on.

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