Gilbert Arenas offers hilarious warning to player who tried to fight LeBron James

Gilbert Arenas’ Instagram handle is “no.chill.gil,” and for good reason.

In a post directed at Detroit’s Isaiah Stewart, who went viral last night after he frantically tried to fight LeBron James, Arenas offered a sage and hilarious warning to the young center.

“Hey brother, imma just be real with ya here,” the post began. “Pack all s—-, pack yo winter jackets and boots becuz yo a— is about to be traded to (Budapest) somewhere.”

The former Wizards star didn’t stop there. 

He joked that James — the “king,” Arenas called him — is one of the players you can’t try to fight. He added Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to that list. 

After a Pistons free throw attempt in their home game last night, Stewart attempted to box out James, putting his elbow in James’ armpit.

James took exception to the maneuver, whipping his arm back and elbowing Stewart in the eye. It’s unclear whether James meant to throw the elbow, but Stewart was enraged. For several minutes Stewart, who was profusely bleeding from his eye, was trying to fight anyone on the Lakers but was held back by his teammates and Pistons staff. He even tried to loop around the tunnel on the lower concourse but was successfully cut off. 

“You will be drug tested expeditiously just to make sure that rage ain’t drug related,” Arenas quipped.

Knowing what a common comment would be, Arenas — who brought a gun to the locker room in 2009 after a card game dispute with teammate Javaris Crittenton — made sure to say what Stewart did was worse.

“PS this was [worse than] the gun in the locker room situation,” Arenas joked. 

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