Written by Ms. Graciel Vergara

Some maybe scared of changes but this collective is not. The three art enthusiasts turned social media management and brand directors are not afraid of the advertisement purity. They believe that looking-ahead using technology and social engineering tools are the path to a what they call the “NEOCULTURE” style.
Holding its brand mission that brands are not just brands, they are the culture. Citing Kanye West’s vision of the Yeezy collection, it may seem risky at the moment of brainstorming, but in the end, people are actually lining up and pre-ordering just to buy a pair.

This is what BadBeeMedia.Co is about. It may feel as though they are playing with the recklessness that comes with youth but these ladies have years of experience in what they do. They know what is needed and they know how to make it happen. They spent their careers specializing in social media management and handling brands.

As a start-up, they work with what the client has to offer. They have premium services and they have tailor-made services for their clients’ working budget. Imagine bringing to life something from scratch. Bad Bee Media Co. (on Facebook) started doing that themselves. Within less than a year, their social media director started her Tiktok account from zero to now, hundreds of thousands of likes and views.

They claim to have the most supportive team and this team believes in the #BadBeeHype, a “Neoculture” point of view in brand upselling where diversity and art aligns with their clients’ brand’s services and products. They have a budding journalist as an operations director, a digital marketing specialist as the overall campaign director, and a bunch of other creatives that makes it all happen.

They don’t want a client brand to just ride the hype, they want it to be part of the hype culture. A lot of people message them every day to get a hold of them despite their busy schedules because of how great they work as a team and how excellent their outputs are. As women, they believe that meticulousness and the driving force to compete is a collective trait that they share not just as directors but with the team that supports them as well.

They want to share their views of diversity as they are quite unconventional themselves compared to the general public, but I kid you not when I say that these women are experts in making a brand go from zero to hero.

Overall, we asked them the secret to their rising star status as brand and social media managers catering to the worldwide market, they have answered almost the same thing, it is being in concerto when it comes to decision making and being able to stand firm by it together. This is what women can become when they join force and become greater than that force itself. These are women of brand, of edge, of style, – of hype.

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