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Youngbrainz Setting the Tone for Others to Follow

Youngbrainz is a Texas-based musician, pop singer, and songwriter. Connected and aligned with music from a young age, Youngbrainz is a rising star in the music industry with his fresh tunes. A unique part of his music is the way he layers the sounds; more importantly, he knows exactly what he wants to create when he starts.

While growing up with different family members, the musician stayed in multiple affluent areas in Magnolia and has grown up listening to 1930s old-school music. Consequently, he learned to appreciate music from an early age, surrounded by tunes. He says Yung Lean, Wintertime, and Bones are his inspirations. When questioned about what his work aimed to say, Youngbrainz’s reply was I’m letting the population know that I get to live any lifestyle that I want ― cause I’m Ballin like that.

Even though music has been a part of Youngbrainz’s life since the beginning, he didn’t get the motivation to continue on his path until people began to appreciate his work. He says he developed his career by staying consistent with his studio sessions and by setting up a $15,000 studio in his house. Rather than considering himself a musician, he simply considers himself someone who enjoys creating. As part of the creative process, he also enjoys learning how music has evolved over time.

The artist says he hangs out with skilled people from the trap to grab opportunities. The Hip-Hop singer concedes that not everything elicits an emotional response. Currently, he is working hard to recognize what is important enough to be given his attention. The mantra of his life as an artist is “Staying true to myself and my homies.”. Growing together and standing up for what matters most to him are the most important things to him.

When we questioned what he does besides music, the artist said, “I stream and make other forms of art and clothing.” He hopes his songs help listeners forget their worries and enjoy the moment. So far, his songs have received phenomenal responses. There have been a number of people who have contacted him directly to say how much they appreciate the lyrics and music.

He has also co-signed another singer, Austin Skinner, whom he calls his brother. It is the artist’s dream to collaborate with Yung Bans in the near future, as he is a big fan of Future and Kid Cudi. In order to make his voice sound even better, the rapper has been working on improving it. When asked to tell us about his latest release, the musician said his latest song out is called Purge Night, and it is about cleansing the streets. Besides, his most recent song is a Halloween-type song in honor of October, his birthday month.

Talking about his new Halloween-type song, he says he can relate it to his life because “My Mom used to watch a lot of scary movies with me when I was younger.” According to the Youngbrainz, his goal for next year is to drop a song every two weeks and come up in a year. It will be interesting to see if the musician releases more gems in the future.

 Youngbrainz’s Instagram – https://instagram.com/youngbrainzzz

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