Commitment to Accessibility

The Texas Reporter, an integral publication of the Enspirers News Group, is committed to ensuring that our website and digital content are accessible to all users, including individuals with disabilities. As an esteemed Enspirers Publication, we stand as a beacon of excellence in journalism, providing unfiltered world news and trusted coverage of politics, business, tech, and more. We believe that everyone should have equal access to our expert analysis, diverse perspectives, and unparalleled insights.

Accessibility Standards

To provide an accessible experience for all our readers, The Texas Reporter adheres to the following standards:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

We strive to meet or exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA. These guidelines are designed to ensure that web content is accessible to a wide range of people with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor impairments.

Ongoing Efforts

Our commitment to accessibility is ongoing. We regularly review our website and digital content to identify and address accessibility issues. This includes testing our site with various assistive technologies, such as screen readers, and making necessary adjustments to improve user experience.

Accessibility Features

User-Friendly Navigation

We design our website with clear and consistent navigation to ensure that users can easily find the information they need. Our site includes features such as keyboard navigation and accessible menus.

Text Alternatives

We provide text alternatives for non-text content, such as images and multimedia. This ensures that all users, including those who use screen readers, can access and understand our content.

Readable Content

Our content is written in a clear and concise manner, using plain language to ensure readability. We also provide options for adjusting text size and contrast to enhance readability for users with visual impairments.

Compatibility with Assistive Technologies

The Texas Reporter is designed to be compatible with a variety of assistive technologies. This includes screen readers, voice recognition software, and other tools that help individuals with disabilities navigate and interact with our site.

Feedback and Assistance

We welcome feedback from our readers on how we can improve accessibility. If you encounter any accessibility barriers on our website or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We are committed to addressing accessibility issues promptly and effectively.

Contact Us

For accessibility-related inquiries or assistance, please reach out to us at:

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Continuous Improvement

Accessibility is a continuous process, and we are dedicated to making The Texas Reporter an inclusive platform for all users. We regularly review and update our accessibility policies and practices to ensure ongoing compliance with accessibility standards and to better serve our diverse audience.

Thank you for supporting The Texas Reporter as we strive to create a more accessible and inclusive platform for everyone.

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