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Alfred Laurețiu Mihai, a Senator for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Ilfov precinct, will be present in Chicago, IL

Alfred Laurețiu Mihai, a Senator for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Ilfov precinct, will be present in Chicago, IL, between the 14th and 15th of November.

During his visit, the Social Democrat will entertain multiple meetings alongside member of the General Assembly in Illinois, the Association representing the legislative body of the American state.

In addition to that, the Romanian politician will engage in communication with several US politicians, will participate in interviews and will engage in debates on topics of major interest, amongst which the military conflict carried out by Vladimir Putin’s army in Ukraine.

Alfred Laurențiu Mihai will be joinning not just the US politicians, but also the close to 150.000 Romanian nationals that constitute the Romanian community in Chicago.

The Romanian politician informed that this visit will concentrate, amongst others, on the security of the Eastern Flank, as well as the protection that NATO offers Romania as the war in Ukrain continues to unravel.

My visit to the US marks a key moment, that is the moment in which we work towards being more unitated and towards strengthening the Eastern Flank. I’m here to encourage communication between Romanian and US men of state, so that, together, we find o solution for surpassing the crisis that bestowed upon Ukraine and their nation. As NATO stands for protection, so does the solidarity between Romania and the US stands as a guarantee not just for Ukraine’s protection and safe keeping, but the protection and safekeeping of the entire European continent. The time has come to work together to defend our democratic values, to protect what is, for each and every one of us, of the utmost essence: freedom. We fight to protect the freedom of living and o living in peace. Now more than ever, we acknowledge the importance of unity, regardless of one’s nation, against the horrors of a futile and unjust war, that does nothing but deem the lives, the culture and the future of Ukraine. We stand by Ukraine and we condemnt the needless violence that Russia displayed, since day one, as well as the unfair and unjustified attempt to attack the suveranity of an independent state”, stated the Social Democrat Senator.


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