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An Exclusive Interview with the Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur, Roberto.

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Welcome Roberto, it’s a real pleasure having you with us here today. Our viewers and listeners are interested in getting to know you better, and the business that you’ve managed to build quite successfully.

Interviewer: Tell us a little about the upbringing you had at home.

Roberto: I was always brought up in a spiritual household. My father constantly reinforced the values of what it means to be a good human being, and how important it is to do the right thing. Lots of people view my status at the moment, and don’t quite understand the tremendous hardships we had to go through to reach this point. I believe that if people did understand where we were coming from, they would have a more sincere appreciation for the position I have brought myself to. Growing up my family was doing quite well, then the infamous incident occurred, and money was taken away from my father. Not because he made a foolish investment, but because he was too good hearted to the ones he loved and cared for the most. This was the beginning of our downfall, causing us to suffer financial, and emotional hardships. This is where our faith was put to the test. We survived day to day with the help of God Almighty. I even remember seeing the balance of my fathers bank account at four dollars and ninety-three cents. Everyday was unbelievably stressful, and we had only God to depend on. I would pray constantly everyday for God to raise me above my enemies, so that I can give glory to his name in front of large audiences, and that is exactly what he did. I am currently involved in enormous dealings because I held on to faith, and held onto the motivational mindset.

Interviewer: Wow. I’ve never interviewed someone who’s been as emotional, sincere, and heartfelt as you are. How successful has your casino become?

Roberto: I’m emotional because of one discovery I made. Where I was and where God picked me up. When I was growing up poor I would always dream of what I would do when I get wealthy. I’ve done a few of them but not all, because I don’t find true happiness in those dreams. I find true happiness when I sit with my family everyday, and ask them if they remember when we couldn’t afford anything. At this point we simply laugh at those days.

Grand Winners Casino has become extremely successful. I have a few contacts in the United States who were able to market my online site internationally and it’s grown quite enormous. Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of people playing, with millions of a user database,

and plenty having a fantastic time. There are so many people winning the jackpot every single day!

Interviewer: What do you contribute your success to?

Roberto: First and foremost, I contribute my success to God. I believe that if I lost my faith I would never be where I am today. I believe that it is impossible for someone who was in a position of poverty such as myself, to grow to such great lengths, with nothing except the hand of God. Secondly, I contribute my success to my father. Throughout all of our hardships, he embraced God throughout, and I witnessed God begin to bless. At one point I was so worried our family might be homeless, that I decided I would work at a supermarket making minimum wage. My father stopped me in my rant and insisted I will become great. How can someone who is so low grow to such great heights? He assured me that God is by my side, and that anything is possible with his help. Here I am today. A living confirmation to the truth of that statement.

Interviewer: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who want to be as successful as you are?

Roberto: If I were to give one piece of advice for someone who wants to be as successful as I am, it would be to trust in God throughout the process. It may take time, but everything will work out for the greater good. Everyday have a conversation with him, and ask him to guide you through the gift of wisdom. This doesn’t mean you can sit at home all day playing video games waiting for wealth to knock your door, instead use the wisdom God provides and plan how you will start making money. God gave a lot of brains in the world, and unfortunately as the generations go by there are fewer and fewer people with brains. It’s ridiculous! The disrespect and spoils of children, giving freedom to do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. It’s a joke! There’s an old saying that I couldn’t agree with more. Discipline your child when he is young, and he will grow to love you. Spoil him, and he will hate you when he is older. If I may give a second advice, it’s to always have a mindset that moves up the ladder. There is unbelievable power in the human mind, and not quite a lot of people seem to understand this.

Your mind determines whether you will sit on the couch all day, or if you’ll be intelligent and plan new ideas to grow in wealth. Have an alpha mind! Lastly, always be fair. At my casino people are winning everyday. They play smart and win big. Don’t be like the competition chunking in all the money and being unfair to your customers. Always have a giving hand.

Interviewer: Do you believe in the power of being an Alpha Male?

Roberto: Absolutely. Why wouldn’t I? If my father and I weren’t alpha males, the world would eat us up alive. We would be homeless now if it weren’t for our alpha mindset. There are two things we are filled with. Two qualities that make us alpha males. Two traits that if anyone strengthens will be virtually unstoppable. Do you know what they are? One, no fear. Two, faith. Why should anyone fear any human being? Instead, fear the one who can destroy both body and soul. Without having fear, you are able to adventure new paths of risk and success. With faith, everything becomes possible.

Interviewer: What type of mindset is required for such a young entrepreneur?

Roberto: A mind that is positive, and never gives up. I don’t care what situation you’re in, if I was able to make it out of mine, you can certainly make it out of yours. I understand there will be those hard days, but you must have the mindset to never stop moving, and to never give up. Suffering is what strengthens man above their enemies. The moment you give up, is the very moment you blow the dust of your dreams into the thin air, and everything will disappear.

Instead, use the sand to build a foundation, and work your way from the bottom.

Interviewer: What are your plans for your online Casino?

Roberto: My plans are to expand and market Grand Winners Casino to its max potential. I want to grow my Online site to be the greatest that there is. I have a very competitive mindset, and I’m always seeking ways to become greater. We live in a world of competition. I want to continue to spread my casino further and further so that people can start enjoying it, rather than spending their money and losing it. You see, the majority of casinos will eat ninety percent of what you give it, and give ten percent of what you gave. At our casino, we make it a fifty percent chance of winning, which is huge! And we leave big bonuses depending on the amount you invested.

So we are one thousand times more fair, and that means players can enjoy their experience one thousand times more than the average casino.

Interviewer: How has wealth changed you?

Roberto: To be quite frank, I don’t believe that question would apply to me. Instead, I think how has wealth developed me is a more well put together question. Wealth has never changed who I am. I still eat with the same poor people I knew when I was poor. I have the same friends. I just have a tweaked life. When I was younger I would see people showing off their luxuries, and it put me in pain knowing I can’t afford these things. Now that I’ve become wealthy, I never flaunt what I have, but I enjoy it in secret, where those living in poverty will not be put in pain from what they see. Do I enjoy some things, sure! But I never take it to the extreme. However, the greatest wealth and source of joy I have is God. That is what makes a man rich.

Interviewer: Do you plan on opening a physical location?

Roberto: Absolutely not. Why would I want the hassle of running a physical location limited to locals? I have a website that reaches all people over the age of minority around the entire world!

Interviewer: What is something you would like to leave with the audience?

Roberto: To never lose faith, you will see it is the greatest thing that makes the best you there is possible. Strengthen your alpha mindset, and have no fear. Network and grow your connections. Take care of others, and they will take care of you. Put your friends to the test, and

you will find that you can only love and trust a handful. Also, as you leave I highly recommend you become a member at our casino, play a few games, and have a great time.

Interviewer: Well, Roberto, thank you so much for your time. I’m definitely looking forward to speaking with you again in the near future. Congratulations on your current success. Viewers and listeners who would like to learn more, have a visit at

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