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BAY ICE CEO hints at a wristwatch collaboration with Davido

Davido, the Nigerian afrobeat musician, and Bay Ice CEO Olly Bizzle, the top-tier Canadian wristwatch business owner, will release a new watch collaboration together shortly. The watches are planned to be available online and in-store in the summer of 2022 (June). The watches, which cost between $1,000 and $1,300, are composed of Sapphire glass, rubber, and steel straps and come in four different hues (Silver, Gold, rose gold, and black). These water-resistant watches, which come with a one-year warranty, have the ability to capture the attention of both celebrities and ordinary people.

Olly Bizzle, the CEO of a luxury watch business, Bay Ice is aware of the global fascination with celebrities. As a result, he has planned fantastic cooperation with Davido, an American-born Nigerian musician, songwriter, and record producer, in order to get Bay Ice watches on the wrists of wealthy and renowned Nigerian celebrities.

Davido, like many of today’s top celebrities–actors, singers, and entertainers–has gone forward and prepared to put a watch in front of millions of eyes this summer. This brand endorsement will be enormous major news for Davido fans, and they will favor Bay Ice, a top-tier Canadian wristwatch company managed by a Nigerian named Azeez Olatunji (also known as Olly Bizzle). In just two initial months, Bay Ice had earned a total of $102,464.56 in sales. Olly Bizzle’s acute sense of aesthetics and uncompromising devotion to quality distinguish Bay Ice wristwatch models from the crowd of premium brands.

This incredible adventure began in November 2018, when Azeez established his fashion entrepreneur firm in Toronto, employing his exceptional business talents to manufacture bespoke jewelry and women’s accessories.

Meanwhile, superstars such as Davido have turned their attention to it, and this wristwatch brand now deserves to be recognized by everyone. The name Bay Ice has come to represent refinement and luxury. Wearing a Bay Ice Wristwatch entails more than just putting on a wristwatch. It’s a declaration of power, renown, and grandeur.

Because of their high-quality materials and endurance, Bay Ice watches may be worn in some of the world’s most isolated locales, including wild and harsh terrains, down into the depths of the ocean, and up onto steep mountain peaks. The firm takes pleasure in its dedication to quality, in always improving its offers, and in giving enduring excellence to its loyal customers. In a world of commercialism and throwaway fashion, there is a wristwatch company whose designs are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

So, now that the CEO of Bay Ice has himself hinted at cooperation with Davido, there will be something spectacular in June 2022.

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