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Bestselling Author Shares a Message of Hope: An Interview with Dr. Mary L. Young

“I was living the life of my dreams, but then life happened.” This is how Dr. Mary L. Young recounts the events that changed her life, tested her faith, and would ultimately lead her to become a bestselling author and one of today’s most sought-after speakers. After working twenty-five years in public education, Young had finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a school Superintendent. She found herself in a new state, with a new job, feeling a sense of accomplishment. But within one week, everything changed when she received the governor’s mandate to close her district due to the pandemic. And, to make matters worse, it was within that same week that she received a doctor’s diagnosis of breast cancer. For many, news such as this would lead to paralysis and a lack of hope; however, it was during this time that Dr. Mary L. Young found a renewed sense of faith, renewed purpose – and her very own voice.

When Young joined us via Zoom to discuss her newest book, The Prayer of Achsah: Getting Your Breakthrough from God, she said, “It’s in our wilderness experience that God awakens our hearts to hear.” For Young, the “wilderness” experience led her to finally pursue her passion for writing, leading to her newest book. In it, Dr. Young recounts her emotional struggles after receiving the diagnosis and shares candid and, at times, shocking vulnerability rarely seen among the faith community. In what some are already considering one of the most influential books of the year, The Prayer of Achsah: Getting Your Breakthrough from God chronicles the life of another woman of faith, Achsah from the scriptures, paralleling her life and struggles with the struggles we face in our own modern world. “Her story resonated with me,” Young admitted. “I saw myself in her story. The struggles in her world aren’t unlike the struggles we all face.”

One overarching theme from within the book is that of obedience, of which Young says, “Our obedience opens the door for God to move.” Now cancer free, Young is using her newfound platform to share a message of hope with individuals from all walks of life, sharing what seems to be a very relatable story of what it means to face life’s most unexpected moments. In this season of her life, Young hopes to offer encouragement to the world through her own obedience to God in her writing. “I want to inspire people to realize the power of prayer again. Prayers don’t have an expiration date, only a manifestation date.” Now a highly sought lecturer and teacher, it’s abundantly clear that although this season of her life came in an unexpected way, this chapter will be her most successful chapter to date. The Prayer of Achsah: Getting Your Breakthrough from God is now available worldwide wherever books are sold. For more information on the work of Dr. Mary L. Young, visit

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