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BlahGigi: Girl Just Wants to Have Fun!

Contributing writer Efren Arcos Jr.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” says Latin crooner Marc Anthony. And no one is more emblematic of this quote than BlahGigi.

The 28 years young, Mogul no longer works a 9-5 job. This gritty Puerto Rican influencer now commands a little kingdom (or shall we say “queen dom”) of subscribers to her OnlyFans, Instagram and twitter.

Despite being able to set her own hours and create most of the content for her successful OnlyFans, BlahGigi doesn’t disregard the standard practices of maintaining a brand: hard work and networking. She use to sit behind a cubical and now she has an entire team behind her. BlahGigi has turned her profits from her Onlyfan’s to business assets and investments. She knows what coming from nothing feels like and vows never to go back there again now that she has and is building an empire worth something.

Check out more of BlahGigi Instagram @Officiallyblahgigi

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