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Chete Jewelry is Set To Launch New Collections in VicenzaOro

Chete Jewelry is Set To Launch New Collections in VicenzaOro

Chete, a silver jewelry powerhouse, is launching its new collections at VicenzaOro. The company has been allocating resources in order to provide a state-of-the-art solution to large B2C Jewelry enterprises. Chete has long been a steady leader in terms of Jewelry quality and is looking to take an even greater step with the new collections.

“We are very excited for the launch of our new collections,” said Chete’s CEO Joye Hurwitz, “The industry is in need of high-quality Jewelry that can be appreciated and cherished by end consumers. That is why with this collection, we placed a large emphasis on state-of-the-art quality. From the design to the material, to the way we present it to our clients”.

We had the chance to check out some of the items they will be showcasing at Vicanzaro.

Dreamy pearls Collection

Some of Chete’s new pearl collections have a bridal vibe, but most items in this collection are a powerful and artistic three-dimensional expression of style. A contemporary fashion statement to be worn as stacking stories or as a minimal personalized expression of pure style

This modern pearls collection is mostly made of freshwater pearls and silver with sparkling highlights of paving made of CZ

Y necklaces, multi pearl large cocktail rings, friendship bracelets, super sparkly.   

The Make you smile collection also called the” Dopamine “collection

Following the super trend called “Dopamine dressing,” Chete created a collection of very colorful Jewelry that is playful and personal.

The vibrant colors give Jewelry a blast of high energy.

Stackable rings and silver earrings in different platings with colorful enamel and CZ, rainbow designs in multicolor, and color block designs

pave earrings and pendants with a pearl as center star.


A collection with semi-precious gemstones pastel colors with some highlights of CZ. A meaningful collection with beautiful branded detail of the flower of life. This collection combines creativity and craftsmanship to create a jewelry collection that really stands out.

It’s perfect for refreshing your personalized layering with some soft colors brought to us by mother earth. These creations are imbued with the extraordinary energy of natural gemstones and are an absolute joy to wear.

Sunburst collection

Bright, optimistic collection with expressive shapes showing the first rays of optimism. Giant circles with happy dancing dangles.

We have been away from our offices and wearing masks for a long time, and for when we will return, our designers decided our looks should look a little different—more glam, more playful, and sexier.

The trends are more and more maximalist.

About Chete:

Chete is fortunate to be a leading force in the design and manufacture of fine sterling silver jewelry for the world’s top retail TV channels, brands, jewelry chain stores, wholesalers, and catalog vendors.

Their talented design teams from around the world draw their inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions, offering retail and wholesale customers an exciting mix of jewelry styles to suit their markets.

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