Correction & Clarifications

At The Texas Reporter, we are committed to the highest standards of accuracy and fairness in our journalism. While we strive to report the news accurately and thoroughly, mistakes can happen. When we do make an error, we are committed to correcting it as quickly and transparently as possible.

If you have spotted an error in one of our stories, please let us know. You can report a correction by emailing us at [Insert email address], or by contacting us through our website or social media channels.

When we receive a correction request, we will review it as quickly as possible and, if necessary, make the appropriate corrections to our website or print editions. We will also publish a correction on our Corrections & Clarifications page, which can be found [Insert location of page on website].

We value the trust of our readers and take any mistake seriously. Thank you for helping us maintain the accuracy and fairness of our reporting.

For Corrections & Clarifications. You may contact us at