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Distinguished Software Professional, Creating a Carbon-Conscious Future

Published on 22nd July 2022

Author, Sarah Johnson

Distinguished in the realm of software development, Mohit Jain has harbored a fascination for computer technology since childhood. His early enthusiasm led him to incorporate computers into his schoolwork, showcasing a profound connection with the subject. Opting for computer science in ninth and tenth grade, Mohit excelled, securing the highest grades in the school. Choosing this path for higher education, he earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication with a minor in Computer Engineering from Nirma University.

During his undergraduate years, Mohit engaged in notable extracurricular activities, such as serving as vice president of the Augan|IL2 club and organizing a successful Tedx event featuring renowned Indian personalities. This event, which included speakers like Dilip Chhabaria (car designer), Anuja Kapur (criminal psychologist), and Balaji Vishwanathan (writer and entrepreneur), garnered significant appreciation from both participants and the college director.

Mohit’s academic prowess and involvement extended to internships, with projects ranging from developing a hospital records system to creating an IoT button for IL&FS Technologies. In his first year, he earned an internship with Mumbai-based company Inspira Enterprise, where he contributed to the development of a common system across multiple hospitals to access, modify, and keep track of patient medical records. Reflecting on the experience, Mohit asserts, “The project not only broadened my horizons, but it also helped me implement my theoretical knowledge into something that will help thousands of people on a daily basis.”

In his second year (2017), Mohit secured an internship at IL&FS Technologies Limited, where his outstanding performance earned him the title of “best performance intern.” During this internship, he developed a prototype IoT button capable of controlling various devices such as light bulbs, fans, and wireless doorbells. Another notable application of the button was a physical activity time tracker. Speaking passionately about the project, Mohit emphasizes, “As a technology nerd, I believe IoT is going to change our lives for the better.”
Expanding his horizons further, in 2018, Mohit joined 120 other students in applying for a summer research internship at Florida Atlantic University. Out of the numerous applicants, only two were selected, and Mohit was one of them. During his time there, he played a key role in developing a Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) for pneumonia, a project crucial in light of the current shortage of trained radiologists in hospitals.

Understanding the importance of patient confidentiality, Mohit implemented two encryption solutions for protecting patients’ images. The first utilized the Arnold Transformation to encrypt a square image, and he published a paper on this subject in the International Journal of Computer Engineering & Technology. The second approach involved using Genetic Algorithm to encrypt digital medical images, and a paper detailing this technique was also published in the International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Aside from these significant projects, Mohit has been involved in various other noteworthy endeavors. These include the development of face and facial expression detection software, a smart refrigerator aimed at reducing food waste, angular frequency analysis of wind turbines through digital image processing, and an affordable smart floor-cleaning robot. Reflecting on the latter, he notes, “Although other smart floor cleaners exist, most people can’t afford them. Countries like India, where dust is a real problem, need an inexpensive solution.”

However, one project stands out as Mohit’s pet endeavor – Ecoify. This initiative served as his final project for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he pursued a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ecoify is an innovative app designed to meticulously track all aspects of users’ carbon footprints, covering areas such as food, energy consumption, and transportation. Notably, the app goes beyond tracking and provides personalized suggestions to offset carbon emissions. The app has the potential to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses, as well as data brokers, as it can be monetized through data mining.

Presently, Mohit is employed as a software engineer for Dell EMC in Seattle, Washington. His focus within the PowerScale team revolves around authentication, identity management, and authorization (AIMA). Employing his skills in C/C++ and Python, Mohit ensures the delivery of safe and secure protection to the cluster and node using advanced software engineering techniques. His role is two-fold, serving not only as a software developer but also as the Scrum Lead for his team, which includes several Principal Software Engineers.
“My learning curve is voracious,” Mohit declares. “The more I learn, the more clearly I can appreciate my gaps and areas for improvement.” With his insatiable appetite for learning, discovery, and innovation, one can anticipate witnessing Mohit Jain’s name associated with many ingenious IoT solutions in the years to come. His journey from childhood fascination to distinguished software professional underscores a commitment to continuous growth and a profound impact on the technological landscape.

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