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Eric Veneziano Releases “Blu come I tuoi occhi”

After the presentation in the Italian festivals, the first official teaser of “Blu come i tuoi occhi” is out, it’s the latest work directed by Eric Veneziano.

It’s a film with more than 22 official nominations: 4 for best director, 2 for best film, 2 for best actor and even best editing, best soundtrack, best cast and production.

Some quotes in the Italian press report the vision of the opera as a “short film without borders. The finale is a blow to the heart”

– Released on Amazon Prime Video “Blu come i tuoi occhi” will be translated and visible in the following countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Holland, Serbia, United Kingdom, United States of America.

This film features:

– Ryan: portrayed by Thomas Camorani, he’s an actor already known to the public thanks to the films “Sotto il sole di Riccione” and “Summertime” (Netflix).

– Edoardo: played by Andrea Ciancimino

– Dora: portrayed by Cristina Bugatty, in the role of the mother of Edoardo, she’s an established Italian actress known to the public thanks her role in “La Dea Fortuna” and “I Cesaroni”.

– The professor: portrayed by Marco Del Torchio, from the film “Sul più bello”.
– Tommaso: portrayed by Christian Cordone, he’s a new actor. He is 17 years old and is awarded in the film as best supporting actor.

– Claudio Insegno: he’s a voice actor. He’s one of the most important voices in the Italian cinema, he will be the narrator and will play a crucial role in the film.

Waiting for the release of the film in 2023, we asked some questions about the film to Eric Veneziano.

How did the idea for the film come about?

The idea was born from a story, a life experience of a person dear to me.

Obviously, we made the story more cinematic, incorporating things that I experienced firsthand.
I think the best thing for a director is to turn feelings like anger, pain or joy into art and describe them through a story.

How did you find out Christian Cordone?

I follow the world of social media a lot, in the last two years I’ve been working in the management of talents and creators. If I notice talent and determination in a boy, through my collaborators we try to train him on the dramatic arts, expanding his knowledge and skills and bringing him to work in the world of cinema.When I met Christian, he was only 16 years old, his talent was admirable but he didn’t have a solid base of studies to work in the world of cinema.
I started a journey with him made of cinematography, audiovisual language and acting.
Within ten months he won 2 awards, including “best supporting actor” at the festival “Rome International film Award”

Can you give us some more information about the plot of “Blu come i tuoi occhi”?

Edward, the protagonist, is a tremendously suffering boy.
He witnessed the death of his father, and due to this he is estranged from social life, always staying at home watching movies, and dealing with loneliness.

Thomas helps him to abandon loneliness and go out one day with his company of friends, and it is right there that he will meet Ryan, an apparently sunny and extroverted boy who turns out to be toxic, turning Edward’s feelings into anger and pain, and this will be detrimental to him, forcing him to face countless difficulties and falls again.

Blu come i tuoi occhi will be available soon on Amazon Prime.

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