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Exclusive Feature on “The Life of Us” Actress, Christine Viviers – A Star In The Making!

A talented young actress and artist from Stellenbosch, South Africa, Christine Viviers is a rising star in the entertainment industry and a skilled performer in both theater and cinema all over the world. She made a mark on the film scene with her amazing performance in the short film “The Life Of Us” directed by Christine Viviers.

“The Life of Us”, a 1 minute short film, in which Christine portrayed the lead actress. It premiered in 2021 and then it went off to the Film Festival circuit. It gained millions of views on streaming platforms and therefore a lot of international acclaim. In the short film starring Ms. Christine Viviers explores the emotional rollercoaster of an actor subjected to countless self-tapes. It beautifully captures the internal struggle of an actor Post Covid.

It was an honest and well-produced short that surely bolstered Christine Vivier’s reach on the international entertainment scale. The appeal of “The Life of Us” is universal, and this can be seen thanks to the numerous nominations at film festivals and the number of streams it reached throughout the entire world.

Q: How did the production “The Life of Us” come to life?

This story came to life after I graduated and stepped into the industry. You embark on this journey of doing multiple self tapes but not hearing back. This business is tough and you don’t hear back from auditions that you work really hard at. After speaking to my peers in the business I realized a lot of actors get discouraged with self tapes and this is a very common feeling. Post Covid in person auditions stopped and we transitioned to self tapes and the connection that you build with casting directors are eliminated. The euphoric experience of stepping in the audition room was no more and the pay off became minimal. It’s just you in your room with your self tape set up, a reader that’s usually a friend or someone you call to help out and that’s it. Actors go through a lot of emotions when they get that audition and I wanted to create a 1 minute short film of that journey for people outside the business to better understand that journey as well as for other actors to feel less alone.

Q: Why did you make the short film?

Aside from getting this important message out to people I wanted to learn. You grow so much through trial and error. Short films show yourself who you are. They prove to the world you’re talented and skilled. Making a short film lays the road to becoming a professional storyteller. As an actor if you wait for the perfect role to fall in your lap, you’re going to wait a very long time so I wanted to take things in my own hands and create my own productions. I knew that my first short film won’t be a Steven Spielberg movie but the only way to grow and get there is through practice.

Q: What advice would you give other storytellers that want to produce their own short films?

Just do it! The worst mistake you can make is not doing it. The education you receive from fighting your way through making a short film, will prove to be the most important way to becoming a professional. Have grace and patience with your journey as a filmmaker, you only get better every time you put yourself out there and try.

Christine’s Early Life

Christine Viviers is a young South African actress who is a star in the making. From starting at the age of 8 when she decided to become an actress after watching ‘Les Mesrables’ in London to this date, Christine has years of experience in The industry. She has an extensive background in acting through studying in the best acting schools, such as the New York Film Academy, HB Studio and American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Recently, Christine was interviewed for the ‘Voyage LA’ magazine. It was their page, a lengthy interview in which she opened up about her struggles and hardships faced in the industry. She stated: ”I wake up at sunrise to do background work, spend my days on websites to look for castings, and nights at parties to meet the right people.” She also revealed about her exciting upcoming projects.

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