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FROM A CRY TO BEING A CHANNEL | Singaporean Stroke Survivor to speak at World Stroke Congress

 “Your voice can be powerful,” said Dr Shamala Thilarajah, President of the Singapore National Stroke Association. She was speaking to Mr Terence Ang, a stroke survivor whose recently-published book A Cry in the Dark recounted his experiences during his recovery process, and inviting him to speak at the 14th World Stroke Congress 2022. 

“We heard you in Singapore, now your views will be channeled to health experts from around the world.”  This global event will take place in Singapore from October 26 to 29 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, and bring together the international stroke community to discuss how to better deliver improvements in prevention, treatment and support in order to reduce the burden of stroke

Mr Ang will address healthcare professionals from around the world on his journey with stroke, and offer personal insights into the patient experience to bring greater value to the stroke community.

Dr Moses Koh, an associate consultant in rehabilitation medicine from Sengkang General Hospital, was one who journeyed together with Terence as his rehabilitation physician for more than one and a half years .”Terence truly has a stroke recovery story worth sharing,” he said. “Through the ups and downs in all aspects of his rehab process – physically, emotionally, cognitively, he has shown tremendous determination and courage in the face of his difficulties. I believe his sharing will inspire and give hope to everyone.”

Aphasia SG founder and speech language therapist Ms Evelyn Khoo added that Terence is a fighter and has overcome the odds in writing about his experiences. “As his speech-language therapist, I am immensely proud of Terence for accepting this huge challenge of speaking at the upcoming World Stroke Congress. Public speaking is daunting for many; can you imagine how terrifying it must be for someone with communication challenges after a stroke? I look forward to him conquering this next big hurdle of public speaking!”

Deeply passionate about patient rehabilitation, Mr Ang continues to amplify the voices of stroke victims and provide them with the help and resources they need to feel less alone in their recovery process.

At the event, leading professionals in the global community will discuss the latest science, clinical trials, breakthroughs and guidelines to stroke prevention. The program aims to serve as a professional exchange and networking platform for all medical practitioners and researchers committed to providing stroke care around the world and fostering a more united stroke community. 

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