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Getting to know Aly Jade

 There are so many strings to the bow of actress Aly Jade which have seen her star rise to prominence in the entertainment industry. Packing more into her budding career than more people achieve in a lifetime. Aly is also a talented dancer, social media influencer, podcaster, singer songwriter and model.

Originally born in Starkville Mississippi, Aly made the brave move to the epicentre of the entertainment industry Los Angeles and she has never looked back. Featuring on the cover of magazines and interviewed in the media, she also hosts her own podcast “Aly Jade Gets Awkward”. She started taking vocal lessons at a young age, and that move to LA provided her with the opportunity to apply herself as a recording artist. Her 1st original song “Another Boy”, co-written with Jo Jo Tua, was released to the world in 2021 and is another clear example that Aly will not be defined by others’ expectations.

In 2022 came “That One”,  her next original with a feature by Max Loui$. A wonderful slice of stripped back pop, her voice speaks to all of that raw emotion experienced through teenage eyes.

2022 will see her reputation as an adaptable and exciting actress reinforced as she appears in the new feature film ‘Am I OK?’ Starring alongside Dakota Johnson, Sonoya Mizuno and Sean Hayes, she plays the part of the young Lucy, portrayed in later life by Dakota. Directed by Stephanie Allynne and Tig Nogato and written by Lauren Pomerantz, Aly manages to bring her enormous talents to the big screen in a story about the enduring nature of friendship and the challenges it faces throughout the years.

Set to feature at the Sundance Film Festival, Aly’s performance is an integral part of a story which is relatable, poignant, and an often-humorous look at the transformative power of human vulnerability. Combined with her explorations into her ever-evolving entertainment career, this is yet another step on the road of artistic achievements that will see her fame and celebrity grow.

The intrinsic value of her work is her evident versatility. No matter the path she chooses, Aly is capable of navigating the waters of the showbiz industry with consummate ease whilst still remaining grounded and centred within her own world. As the opportunities continue to open up for Aly Jade, there is no doubt that she will become a permanent feature on the horizon and a talent that will break new ground wherever she treads.

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