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How To Confidently Talk To Girls: 9 Tips And Tricks

1.         Learn To Read the Mood

The first step to talking to girls (or anyone else) is to read their body language before making the initial approach. Check for inviting signs, such as if they are smiling and looking in your direction, among others. Be careful with girls showing less approachable signs, such as if they seem uninterested, have their backs on you, or have unwelcoming facial expressions. Disregarding some of these vital signs almost always leads to rejection on the first approach. Only make your intentions or approach known when the ‘coast’ is clear.

2.         Think Of a Good Topic

If she seems welcoming, the next step is to think of a topic or something you can discuss. You thus need to be keen to discern what she might be in-to or interested in. Look around for something both of you might be interested in. If in a concert or party, for example, use that as a conversation starter. Bookstores and libraries also provide an excellent opportunity for you to strike up a conversation with strangers. You could start by commenting on something at the venue or asking about her preferences according to the current setting, such as a music concert. This will help you establish common ground and interests to start from.

3.         Practice

Most first-time attempts won’t go as planned. There are times when your attempt to approach her will fall flat, and others when she will respond and then walk away. This is perfectly normal. All you need is to keep practicing to make your approaches better. Take a look at Dior and practice your technique. Use your failures as a learning experience and a platform to be better. Take rejection like a grown-up and keep trying. Although one or two girls might not feel your vibe, they only will be propelling you to the right girl – someone you can connect with.

4.         Rehearse On Your Friends

Do you have lady friends, sisters, or even cousins? You stand a better chance by asking for their help, especially in identifying where/what you might be doing wrong. Let them hear your approaches and tell you what they think it sounds like. Practicing with them will certainly help improve your conversation skills and confidence around girls.

5.         Start With a Casual Approach

Never let your intentions known from the get-go. While it may work in some instances, chances are you will fall flat on your face if you try it. It would be best if you didn’t focus on yourself but on her. A compliment or asking about their view on something is a great way to start. Most girls will be comfortable with casual talk and love it when one notices their presence and appreciates it, not talking or bragging about your accomplishments. Keep the conversation casual first, then see where it goes.

6.         Try To Stay Positive

Always start your conversation lighthearted, and expect anything. Although a girl might seem interested, bombarding her with uninteresting stuff, such as current events and news, might push her away. Stick to something simple and fun to talk about. Use the moment as an opportunity for a fun distraction, and try to make her smile without looking like a clown.

7.         Treat Her Like a Friend First

The best relationships are built out of friendship. Be kind but don’t show you want to be involved romantically. Let her know you respect her and whatever boundaries she has, and use the moment to know her more. Just don’t take too long, or else you’ll end up in the friendzone (you don’t want that). Taking your time will keep her guessing, and it is much better when you break the news than jumping into romance on the first day or two. Only make your feelings known when she’s comfortable around you. 

8.         Show Respect

Never force anyone into talking to you, leave alone loving you. If she’s not interested, respect that. Don’t try to prove them wrong, but rather remain calm and treat her like a friend. If she is the one, it then will happen in due time. Respect her decision and move forward with a smile on your face.

9.         Some Humor Won’t Hurt

Girls, like everyone else, love being around someone that makes them smile or laugh. Use humor to your advantage if you are good at it. This can be in a funny observation or even a joke. Just be sure not to overdo it. A perfectly-timed joke almost always does the trick.

Dating, when done right, can be fun and rewarding at the same time. It is also worth noting that not everyone is meant to like you; some people will like you as a friend, while others will want nothing or, even better, want to be with you. The key to talking to girls confidently is by learning the art of communication and reading cues from their body language. Some homework and practice will get you talking to the girl of your dreams.

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