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Intelligent Diva Shares the Details Around Her New Single “User”

We are currently in a digital era within the music industry now where you artist uploading their music on mp3’s, wav files and uploading videos to you tube music. As an independent music artist, the budgets are no where near the budget of a major label. Independent artist often can’t afford to pay major label prices. This is why Intelligent Diva is excited about her project for her new single “User”, because she was able to accomplish everything, she wanted by incorporating her primary background which is technology to her secondary business which is music.

Her new single “User “ was prompted by some personal experiences within her life, which involved family and friends experienced emotional manipulation. Sure, everyone has used someone for something. But there are some red flags which are not healthy in relationships. You have to set boundaries so that it doesn’t affect you mentally. It can when you have an emotional connection with someone. It could be on anytime of relationship. Emotional manipulation can result in lack of trust, feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, miscommunication and misunderstandings. So, you have to set some boundaries. People often omit things, turn factual information into foggy confusion, and accuse others of causing wrong doing or harm to them. Accusing people of doing things to them without acknowledging their wrong doings. 

Well, the new single User has an urban rhythmic vibe which tells you that Intelligent Diva is fond of User’s who manipulate people. The artist has incorporated music promotional videos and also a lyric video showcasing different types of Users and the abuse. She has even added a little humor to them by using funny promotional videos to demonstrate the actions of a person who is a user.  There is also a 3d animated video in the works which features the User as a villain who has two heads representing a person who is two faced and playing both sides.  The character also features a story line featuring Intelligent Diva as one of the animated characters. The moral of the story, is people who use people karma eventually comes aback around and catches up to you.  When you take advantage of people who care about, don’t be surprised when they put their foot down and say they have had enough. The 3d animated video is scheduled to drop in the middle of June.

The artist also had a lyric video which features different couples, and races going through issues as a result of being in a relationship filled with emotional manipulation. She even invested in having NFT cover art created for the single User. She plans to have additional traits added for merchandise and promo. The NFT characters were originally created, featuring one of the characters as Intelligent Diva, and a different version of the User appearing as a villain.  The music artist is working on creating a video game which will show the characters.  Intelligent Diva is joining the music metaverse world. This world is lucrative. She has a field in information technology as a QA software lead, who also wears many hats in the field of technology. She also has always been a fan of the virtual and gaming world.  Intelligent Diva studies the intelligence in order to stay in synch with where it is going. There is room to make passive income in the metaverse world. Predictions show predictions show the metaverse could be an $800 billion market by 2024.

Intelligent Diva’s has her own virtual stage which will feature metaverse performances. The artist knows this will movement will take time to grow as an independent artist, who owns two record labels. She’s building this scratch and teaming up with freelancers from across the world. Her goal is to partner with technical giants to invest. Also, the chart-topping hits will be featured as music in the technical products. User will have it’s first video game to launch by the end of the fourth quarter in 2022.

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