Local YouTube licensed aggregators under investigation

In the coming week, it is expected that the process of the Serbian judicial authorities and a higher public prosecution against all persons involved in extortion by Youtuber @bakaprase and through the EMDC authorized licensed aggregator YT (Google) are attached. and blocked the clips of @bakaprase that aim to discredit various public figures in Serbia! This new form of earning, for which YouTube is used, represents one of the most serious criminal acts everywhere in the world, including in Serbia!

Google as a large, respectable and global company will certainly have the opportunity to clarify relations with its aggregators who consider this “new criminal service” as new sources of income! In parallel with this process, there will also be a process for compensation of damages to persons who prove that they have suffered financial damage due to YT’s non-reaction to clips that serve to discredit and are in direct contradiction to YT rules!

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