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Lumbarest utilized the old idea and helps to relieve lower back pain.

The spinal cord comprises a complicated network of nerve cells that controls movement and feelings. The spinal cord is composed of bundles of nerve axons that create channels and convey information from the brain to the rest of the body. Sciatica, Lumbago, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Disc, Spine Stenosis, Spondylosis, and other spinal illnesses are most frequent.

Is it possible to get rid of lower back pain organically without any addictive medicines or dangerous surgeries? Yes. It’s achievable!

Lumbarest traction is a method for deformation of the spinal column that relaxes the muscles that run down the back, decompresses the intervertebral discs, which decreases hernias, removes constricted nerve endings, and relieves pain after surgery.

What is Lumbarest?

Lumbarest is a term that refers to the relaxation of the lower spine region. Lumbarest non-invasive decompression therapy procedure includes gentle traction and unloading of the spine. The Lumbarest treatment mat is used to treat spinal problems, relieve pain, promote metabolic functions in intervertebral discs, and boost internal organ function. When the body is relaxed, the spine is stretched and functional while preserving its physiological curvature. It is made possible by the traction system’s unique design.

Benefit of Lumbarest 

Lumbarest used for the treatment of most individuals with lumbar back pain focuses on managing the discomfort until it subsides. Doctors have suggested bed rest, medications, and, in difficult situations, surgery over the years. For a long time, critics have explored the low performance and hefty expenses, but the medical community is now adopting a more straightforward answer. According to growing data, back stretching is one of the most effective treatments for reducing lower back pain, improving function, and preventing future suffering.

The Lumbarest therapeutic mat provides the usual spinal traction force. It was developed for the management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. It is utilized in both medical and non-medical settings for severe spine therapy. The traction force on a therapeutic mat can range 20 % of body weight, depending on the operation’s method.

The appropriately focused traction forces are generated solely based on the weight of the patient’s body when the patient is lying on the mat. It results in the offloading of the kinematic system of the spine, and because the traction force is based on the body weight, it is always unique to each patient. Therefore, irrespective of the devices and techniques used to extend the spine (“dry” traction, Glisson loop, tables with loops, underwater traction, etc.), this essential characteristic prevents overstretching of the ligaments and muscles and possible injury.

 Lumbarest uses a technology invented in the mid-nineteenth century, in which a therapeutic mat is made up of multiple dynamic ribs. Those ribs above the lower back vary even more in the direction of the head under the effect of a person’s weight, whereas those below the lower back deviate oppositely. And a pushing force equal to 20-25 % of the patient’s weight is created. The gravity, the adversary of our back, transforms into a therapeutic force.

Back Traction Procedure with Lumbarest Therapy Mat

  1. One lower back traction method session lasts about 40-45 minutes. Therefore, if you have a lot of pain, you can perform it twice daily.
  2. Usually, the method of spinal decompression treatments is determined by the patient’s situation or the following recommendations of the doctor.
  3. The Lumbarest technique is most effective when used at night since the strain on the backbone is reduced during sleep, and the effect of the approach lasts until the morning.

The Outcome of using Lumbarest

  • Relax pinched nerves, straighten the spinal column and expand intervertebral spaces.
  • Due to rising intervertebral gaps, muscle and ligament tension is reduced, and stress on nerve ends is reduced.
  • The anatomical framework can be normalized with the dislocation of the vertebrae and extrusion of the discs.
  • The advancement of the intervertebral gaps reduces or eliminates nerve-ending compression, resulting in improved local blood circulation.
  • Because overstretching of the spine is unrealistic, there are no limitations on how this device may be used.
  • It can also be used for an indefinite period—more extended periods of unloading increase fluid circulation in the intervertebral disc tissues.
  • Natural rotating motions coupled with extended traction force also aid in enhancing the pumping mechanism and fluid circulation in the disc tissues.
  • After around 20 minutes of traction therapy in the intervertebral discs, the pressure starts to diminish; after 30-45 minutes of traction, the pressure drops and can return to its original.

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