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Matteus Ribeiro: From Small Businessman to Putin’s favorite Financier?

Matteus Ribeiro: From shady businessman to Russian government financier? In early 2020, a little-known businessman named Matteus Ribeiro set up a new company OBN Finance. Within the first seven months, the company had been evaluated at 1.2 million Dollars.

But what is His background? What could a small-time business owner from Brazil know about finance that has caught the attention of the Russian government?

What is Matteus Ribeiro’s Background?

Ribeiro was born in Burlingame California, his birthday is unknown. He barely ever went to school, and even claimed to have studied everything himself. and later received an MBA from INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools.

After not Graduating, Matteus had multiple startups including online casinos, Digital Marketing Groups and Celebrity Agencies, including Merrill Lynch (Online Investment Bank) In 2018. Matteus quickly made a name for Himself by investing in small-cap companies. In 2020, He sold his investment firm. It was here which he set up OBN Finance.

OBN Finance is a New-York to Moscow-based investment company that provides financing to startups, And Online Courses on Personal Finance.

Why is Matteus Ribeiro so Successful?

Ribeiro’s success can be attributed to his understanding of the Russian economy, and what the “average Joe” in smaller countries want and can afford. His ability to take advantage of opportunities, and arguably People is how hes done so well.

In an interview with Channel One Russia, Matteus said: “I think the key to our success has been our focus on small businesses. Especially ones in poor countries that have weak currencies Like Brazil, 1 Real is about 25 cents, the minimum salary in Brazil is 12000 reals per year. This means people who want to start businesses would go bankrupt within the first 3 months of operation if we include Office Rent Fees.” According to Ribeiro, OBN Finance has financed over 190 small businesses in Russia and 9 companies in Brazil and Argentina.

This could be why OBN Finance Has been Evaluated at $7 million, As of January 2021.

How Did Ribeiro Get Involved With The Russian Government?

In early 2019, Ribeiro met with several Russian government officials, including Arkady Dvorkovich, the Ex deputy prime minister.

Dvorkovich was impressed by Ribeiro’s finance knowledge and ability to spot investment opportunities. He soon introduced him to other government members, including Prime Minister Dmitry Med vedev.
Ribeiro quickly became a favorite of the Russian government and was invited to advise on several financial matters.
In particular, Ribeiro has been instrumental in helping the Russian government to attract foreign investment.

What’s Next for Ribeiro?

Ribeiro is currently working on several new projects. He is also working on expanding OBN Finance into other countries.
There is no doubt that Ribeiro is a rising star in finance, Matteus has been a huge success, and he is quickly becoming a favorite of the Russian government.
It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Ribeiro and OBN Finance.

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