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Meet Emmanuel Sikora, a Composer and Pianist who is Making the Life of Peru Equally Musical Through His Melody and Rhythm

Writing lyrics of a song and composing it in a way to be loved by the audience is no child’s play. Substantiating it with an instrument is another feather in the cap. A musician who knows where to hit the chords and play melodiously and meticulously as possible stands a chance to emerge as a top artist. Learning music requires persistence, patience and dedication which is indeed challenging to sustain for a long period. But those who stick throughout the journey get the fruits of it like Emmanuel Sikora has got for what he brings to the table.

Meet Emmanuel Sikora, a commendable and promising artist forging his way in the musical world coupled with his exquisite skills. He is one of the few active concert pianists whose repertoire consists largely of his own work. Sikora also spreads his creativity and composing skills through his YouTube channel which possesses half a million views. He is a represented artist by Price Attractions which is into concerts, performing arts and artist management. Sikora has also been awarded by the city of Arequipa for significant contributions to the musical life of Peru.

Sikora started his musical journey at the age of 9, wherein he started writing music, after which there was no looking back. Since then, he has won several accolades at the state level both as a singer and composer. At sixteen years of age, Sikora won a national prize for his art song “The Shadow Rose”, and was invited to attend a performance of his work at the NAfME National Conference in Milwaukee. Sikora has also obtained his education in the field of music having graduated from Binghamton University with a Master’s in Music in 2014.  

Sikora made his performing debut with a professional orchestra with the Ukrainian Festival Orchestra at the Lviv Organ Hall. He continues to perform in recitals and with orchestras throughout the United States and Europe. Sikora recently collaborated with Vince Ambrosetti on the composition and publication of two hymns through ILP. It is remarkable that he has written some-odd 300 compositions since he was nine years old.

Sikora’s story comes as a great inspiration for all the budding and aspiring classical artists who want to see their names on a pedestal. His life journey signifies the fact that one who starts early, holds a higher chance to get ahead in life with hard work and talent by their side.

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