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Mlife Music Group Salutes Eric Adams on His Mayoral Victory Over Curtis Sliwa

New York Mayor Eric Adams & MLife Recording Artist Norman Alexander
Photo Credits ; by Stella Magloire

May the best man win, and so did he. After MLife’ s artists, Annabel Oreste and Norman Alexander’s memorable performance at the former candidate’s campaign rally finale last week, the group congratulates Adams on his victory as the new Mayor-Elect of New York City.

MLife, whose core values center on making a difference in the community through music, believes this win is right. Not only is it right, but it is BIG for the people.  

Mayor-Elect Adams, a former police officer, who took on the battle against police brutality and fought against systemic racism, has been dubbed as “the people’s candidate.” After tackling issues of inequality throughout his life, New Yorkers have decided that he is suitable to fight for the cause.

As our new Mayor takes office, I am confident that he will deliver on his promises. As residents of NYC, we are looking forward to contributing to the efforts of an efficient local government that will fight for all of us. We know that Mayor-Elect Adams will bring back safety and security to the people of New York City. At this very moment, I feel gratitude,” says Mike Jean, CEO & President.

Speaking of gratitude, the group is also immensely grateful to the Community Relations Advisor for Eric Adams 2021, Rose Guerrier, for allowing them to participate in the efforts that opened new doors for the group. MLife looks forward to supporting the new administration and participating in all endeavors that will benefit the people of this great city.   To connect with MLife Music Group, please contact Amore Philip, Media Relations | M: 929.229.5512 | E: Amore@aoprllc.com. To learn more about MLife Music Group, please visit www.mliferecords.com

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