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MLife Music Group & Tedx WaterStreet for a better world

Mike Jean and Jean Paul Laurent Photo By Adelaide Chantilly

LIVE Music & Global Conversations are Back in 2022

How MLife Music Group & TedxWaterStreet New Partnership is Bringing Back LIVE Music & Global Conversations to the Red Stages Around the World for Good

Their work embodies their innovative spirit and passion. In fact, it is the genesis of this highly anticipated partnership between MLife Music Group CEO Mike Jean and Jean-Paul Laurent, Lead Organizer and Licensee of TEDxWaterStreet.

This partnership clinches yet another community-centered endeavor between the two. Mike Jean, a prodigious NYC producer on a mission, is to change the world through music; and Jean-Paul Laurent, an Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur who has devoted his life to leveraging capitalism and philanthropy, have come together to make a global impact.  

Speaking of impact, the NYC community is the central focus of their work. It is a place where you can find people of all nationalities and walks of life, and the duo thought it would be an excellent place to start bringing people together for much-needed conversations for change.  

Most people have heard of TED talks–the powerful speeches on that iconic red stage. The “X” factor allows these talks to be independently organized in local communities, making the experience exceptionally personal. 

Laurent, whose life wholly transformed when he traveled back to his homeland of Haiti following the tragic 2010 earthquake, was inspired by the unwavering smiles of the young children as they played amid devastation around them. During his visit, he decided that serving humanity is a significant role that he would play in the world; and through his work, he attracted like-minded leaders and contributors that led him to Mike Jean.

Jean, known for curating talents who inspire communities, began his journey 20 years ago through Hope for Them Foundation, a nonprofit organization, and created a project called Music for Them through that foundation. This initiative blossomed into his record label MLife Music Group, where he combines music and artistry with philanthropy and social impact. This work earned Mike Jean a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden, but only just scratched the surface of how he would use music to create community.

MLife’s roster of artists includes Annabelle Oreste., the French-Canadian singer who performed at Mayor Eric Adams. final campaign rally. Wunderkind Erell Allier. , Katherine Vollenweider., Norman Alexander., who released his single “No Goodbyes”; during the pandemic, inspiring people around the globe to be the light in times of darkness.

That light now shines on stages worldwide through the visionary leadership and unshakable optimism of Mike Jean and Jean-Paul Laurent. 

On May 3rd, the duo will host REimagine 2022 alongside 14 dynamic speakers on the iconic TEDx stage at the IPIC Theatre in NYC.

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