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MMA fighter Amit Tah cruises easily to World and UK MMA title wins—the first to hold both titles

Amit “Achilles” Tah from Iver, South Buckinghamshire, became British MMA champion in 2019 and went on to win a world title eliminator, to gain a world championship title. He is the first Indian to hold both titles.

Tah finished his opponent in the first round via an impressive guillotine choke, despite taking a heavy shot and bleeding from a deep cut. His opponent, Liam Gregory, had no choice but to desperately tap out.

Tah is already a grappling champion, Nogi champion, and successful semi-pro fighter. He first fought a professional fighter at age 21. The fighter, Liam Etebar, had previously competed on UCMMA, recognized as the best MMA show in the UK and went onto to be scheduled on Bellator. Etebar was a high caliber fighter, and despite being more experienced, Tah handled him with some ease. By the last round, the fight had turned into a blood fest, with Tah even dropping his opponent to the canvas and halting him on his way to completing three rounds.

Tah’s father—music mogul Vikram Tah,business partner of the late musical juggernaut Gulshan Kumar—was an exclusive distributor in the UK and Europe for Tseries, a huge music company that holds 80% of the industry’s market share. He amassed a fortune for his family, making Tah the heir to a millionaire’s throne.

Despite coming from a wealthy family and a silver-spoon upbringing, the young Tah had a troubled childhood. He was academically bright and excelled in his studies; he completed his high school and college equivalent in computing at ages 13 and 15, respectively. He cruised through his degree program, barely attending classes. He admitted to “not even knowing who was in his group for class presentations.” Tah attended the prestigious EBS at Regents University in London, working on his master’s level studies. Tah was first arrested at age 15 and numerous times subsequently, over family disputes to control him. He was also involved in a brutal nightclub brawl with three aggressors.

Having lost his father at age 18, Tah found solace in the MMA. Amit began boxing at age 16 with Kelvin Bilal Fawaz, who had been a UK national boxing champion in his youth. Tah had grown up fighting on the streets, as a child, taking a stab wound during an altercation to the spleen when he was 16.

Tah had spent time abroad partying and training at some of the best MMA gyms in the world. Notable gyms included Kings MMA, Orlando BJJ, and ATT Orlando. He was jailed in 2018 upon his return and punished by his family for his wild two-year holiday; Thereafter, Tah won the British MMA title in 2019 as he looked to shake off some competitive ring rust with a six-second KO win.

Tah has been successful in winning using submissions and stoppages. He is infamous for his playboy status and enjoying properties, fast cars, and family wealth. It is rumored that he has slept with more than 200 women. In 2013 he stated that he had lost count how many women he had at his house that year with his pal.”

He travelled to many countries and enjoyed the UK club scene, stating, “I almost grew up there, having worked as young doorman and like an enforcer whilst at university.”

The amazing things are his hunger and inability to be phased by anything, notably when it comes to training, fighting, or working toward a goal. Tah is undefeated in MMA, a successful champion. He was the only Indian among his teammates in a sport not usually recognized by those of Indian origin.

Tah is quiet about his MMA career, stating that “it’s a form of release, something for him to channel everything through”.  His well-rounded skills are what make him a dangerous and high-level athlete. Tah stated, “I’m prepared to die in there, I don’t mind a bloodbath, having a war or snapping ligaments. In my last few fights, they were just to build a record really and just get some cage time again. I also see titles as just paper belts to me it’s more about what I’ve become, but then my mum always said not to downplay your achievements and that’s true.”

Tah was regarded as a legend among his peers prior to his 2019 win; however, to win titles and blitz through 3 opponents in a year is special. Being the first Indian MMA world champion and British champion and the first to hold both titles is amazing. One of his teammates even referred to him as the “gym king.”

The future is bright for Amit Tah, with him stating, “I would continue to compete till 38–40 even as a heavyweight possibly as I am various weight classes.” It’s clear that he’s relished everything so far, and it’s apparent he’s naturally heavier in weight. Amit has a promising grappling future, as he is also successful in that style.

His plans include another weight cut, then fighting against someone from the big shows again, or on UCCMA, Bellator, or even UFC, if they come calling.  Tah was not really pursuing a career but rather the state of being an elite athlete. Tah has fought fighters from some of these shows already, and against them day in day out in the gym; he has grown up with all of them.

Amit is already focused on increasing his primary concern—his family property portfolio—and will continue as normal working with his close friend and business partner MS Nawaz at On time cars in maidenhead, as he states that his fighting side is “just inside of him.”

In the age of dreamers and talkers, it’s nice to see an Indian who has had longevity and pursued skill. Amit Tah, despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth and experiencing teething hurdles, as we all do growing up, has grown up normally, with people from different backgrounds, and gone on to achieve something. That in itself is remarkable.

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