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Nahed Chamseddine, A Powerful Business Mentor

Nahed Chamseddine – a name strongly echoing in the world of savings and business – has been distinguished for her attractive and flexible techniques with her clients, who are seeking investment and entrepreneurship in a country filled with locals and expats. Nevertheless, being a holder of a bachelor degree in banking and finance and a masters in marketing, she focuses on specialized services related to life insurance and all types of bank loans. On her instagram page, she shares with her audience the importance of this sector, and how well it’ll benefit and protect their families and properties for the future in a country like Lebanon, where the is no practical insurance on the individual’s life. Moreover, she informs them of the loans’ types, and how they facilitate a person’s life.

She is a role model to all working and successful woman in Lebanon. A pioneer in the field of life savings services, being able to prove herself despite the crisis Lebanon is passing through. She also seeks to add her special touch to the sector, and to people’s lives accordingly.

This illustrious name of a superior personality, who has outdone herself and not only her colleagues in the field, will be well heard by the public, as well as, businessmen and women. She is destined to reach the highest skies of the savings sector. 

Nahed Chamseddine, a name to remember!

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