New GOP ad slams Democrats for skyrocketing cost of Super Bowl snacks

Ahead of Sunday’s big game, Republicans released a new digital advertisement Friday that blames Democrats for hiking the cost of chicken wings, guacamole and other popular Super Bowl fare.

“Bidenflation is intercepting Americans’ paychecks,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Mike Berg said in a statement. “Inflation is the Super Bowl party guest nobody asked for.” 

In the NRCC ad, Super Bowl partygoers appear exasperated as they gather on a living room couch with beers and snacks that all cost more due to rising inflation. 

“Everything you need to kick off Super Bowl weekend just got more expensive,” an announcer proclaims in a booming voice. “Joe Biden’s inflation is intercepting your paycheck.”

Republicans are on the cusp of regaining the House majority according to race analysts. Republican lawmakers and party officials have been highlighting record inflation, which rose to a record 7.5% last month, the highest rate since 1982. 

Republicans blame the price hikes on massive spending and the policies implemented under the Biden administration and congressional Democrats, who have passed billions in new government aid while advocating for COVID-19 restrictions that critics say hobbled the economy.

A spokesperson for the Democratic fundraising arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, did not respond to a request for comment about the GOP ad.

Democrats and President Biden argue the $1.9 trillion in government aid passed last year aided struggling families to make ends meet and aided in slowing the pandemic by funding vaccine distribution and other mitigation efforts. 

Democrats also say their now-stalled social welfare and green energy package would have lowered inflation by helping people return to the workforce. 

The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals face off in Super Bowl LVI on Sunday.

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