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Paranormal Celebrity Adam Begin Returns for Season Two of “Historically Haunted”

In the strange and haunted world of the paranormal, fans of all things otherworldly have a passion and enthusiasm unrivaled by most other fan groups in the world. From ghost hunters to psychics and mediums and even to fans of the horror genre, the world of paranormal programming has garnered an almost cult-like following in recent years. But among the leading celebrities of popular paranormal programs today, Adam Begin is enjoying a newfound spotlight and an ever-growing audience. Known as “The Historian Ghost Hunter” by fans, Begin has answered the call to share the stories of the past with the world. “Everything deserves to be remembered.” This is what Adam Begin says when asked about the inspiration behind his popular show “Historically Haunted,” which recently returned for its second season.

When he isn’t hosting “Historically Haunted” or being asked to share his vast knowledge and insight as a guest on other popular programs, Adam Begin is a leading social media influencer who documents his travels for fans on Facebook and YouTube. And his audience is quickly growing. When responding to our request for an interview, he said, “I want to uncover the rarely known and the forgotten.” Long before nationwide networks came calling offering him programming, he was busy exploring many of history’s most forgotten, most neglected locations out of pure enjoyment. When speaking with Begin, it quickly becomes apparent that his love for history is unrivaled.

It was while reaching audiences through his social media pages that he quickly gained the attention of the networks and, after a brief stint as co-host on KCOR in Las Vegas, Begin was offered his own show on the legendary Paranormal King Radio Network. Suffice it to say, the rest is history. Expanding the radio broadcast to video, “Historically Haunted” hosts many of the leading names of the paranormal world, offering discussion into topics ranging from haunted locations toured by ghost hunters to leading psychics and mediums sharing spirituality to fans of the horror genre interested in the locations where popular films were filmed. On his social media pages, Begin documents filming locations used in Pet Sematary and IT, wildly popular films based on the writings of horror icon Stephen King.

Adam Begin is also a member of the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research – an organization founded to carry on the work and to honor the legacies of famed paranormal researchers and demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose lives and case files are depicted in the popular Conjuring franchise. As season two of “Historically Haunted” premieres, fans will be given an even greater glimpse into many of history’s most haunted locations. “History needs to be respected,” Begin says. “It’s not just for the famous; it’s for everyone.” As the interest in all things otherworldly continues to grow, it is abundantly clear that new generations of seekers and paranormal fans will be inspired by the work of Adam Begin and will answer the call to bring the haunting and forgotten voices of the past into our world once again.

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