Queen seems chatty at largest reception since health scare

LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday attended her largest public engagement since a recent health scare, mingling with guests at a reception ahead of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

The monarch met with members of the local community during a tea at Sandringham, her country estate in eastern England where she normally spends the anniversary. The 95-year-old queen leaned on a walking stick as she chatted with guests.

The guests included former cookery school student Angela Wood who helped perfect the recipe for coronation chicken, a dish created for the queen’s coronation in 1953. The queen had been on the throne for more than a year when the formal coronation ceremony took place.

Despite recent concerns about her health, Elizabeth moved freely and appeared to use her stick more to lean on when she stopped moving rather than depending on it as she walked around the room.

The monarch’s health has been a concern since she canceled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland in October and was quietly admitted to a hospital overnight for preliminary tests. Doctors advised her to rest and restrict herself to light duties.

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