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Remote Bookkeeping: The Key to Business Success Going Forward

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Are you confused on how to record your business income and expenses? How about if you are seeing stagnant business growth? One of the solutions to both of these problems is outsourcing the accounting function to a remote bookkeeper. Understanding what remote bookkeeping entails, the tangible benefits your business can realize and how business size factors in will be the first steps to getting your accounting function operating in top-notch shape.

What is Remote Bookkeeping?

Remote bookkeeping follows the same policies and procedures as a traditional in-house bookkeeper. The only difference is that remote bookkeeping is done virtually without a physical presence at your business. Remote bookkeeping offers you and your accountant more flexibility as each month or year comes to a close since a formal meeting is not necessary. Most software programs offer a cloud-based approach, allowing both you and your accountant access to the business file at any time and from anywhere.

What are the Benefits of Remote Bookkeeping?

Now that the basics of remote bookkeeping are understood, let’s dive into the tangible benefits your business can see with a remote bookkeeper, like Bookeeps. The first benefit of employing a remote bookkeeper is reduction of lag times. When you schedule an in-person bookkeeper, you often have to wait until they come in each month to ask clarifying questions. With a remote bookkeeper that is not the case, with most virtual bookkeepers being available all month for small questions here and there. Additionally, a remote bookkeeper can log into your business software to glance over any areas you are having trouble with to provide you accurate and quick responses.

The next benefit businesses take advantage of with a remote bookkeeper is reduced costs. The cost associated with hiring a full-time employee or having your accountant on-site exceeds the cost of a virtual bookkeeper. There is no travel time associated with remote bookkeeping, so you can be sure the cost you are paying is actually for time spent working on your company. Moreover, the ability to access your business information around the clock can keep everything well maintained, significantly reducing the time needed to prepare monthly reconciliations and reports.

Does Business Size Effect the Benefits of Remote Bookkeeping?

A common misconception about remote bookkeeping is that you need to be a large company to see benefits. This is not the case as all businesses regardless of size can take full advantage of the benefits of remote bookkeeping. From the small mom and pop shop to large enterprises, Bookeeps can help everyone profit off strong accounting policies and procedures resulting from remote bookkeeping. Additionally, Bookeeps supports diversity and personal preferences, meaning you can rest assured that your minority or LGBTQ owned business is in good hands. Our focus is on helping you take your business to the next level with remote bookkeeping not worry about the size or ownership.

Next Steps

Does remote bookkeeping sound like the right move for your business? If so, reach out to Bookeeps, an expert at helping all businesses implement remote bookkeeping into their accounting function. With dozens of client testimonials and years of experience backing our integrity, Bookeeps is your go-to expert on all things bookkeeping. Reach out today for a consultation to start building a mutually beneficial relationship, leading to business growth and a solid accounting function.

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