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Rising Artist Eternity has that “IT”Factor!!

It’s no surprise that Eternity’s fanbase swelled when she shared a snippet of the single “Moving different,” but although she stays humble when it comes to her success, she can’t really put her finger on why her recent song has had such explosive responses. “I mean to be honest, I was really just making the music I didn’t expect as many people as there are listening to me to actually like it.”Her comment led us back to the thought about an impalpable factor that makes her music resonate.

Her rapping style is Strong and sexy. She’s tough as nails. She comes with bars that people would mainly feel comfortable saying at their most confident. 

Eternity is currently the sole woman signed to LA.NY Records LLC . Her label connected with her when she was just taking music serious while living in Florida ,and offered to sign her immediately. “We seen great potential in Eternity early on.” Says Nellshotit the president of LA.NY Records LLC. She’s since relocated to New York , which is actually where she was born.

Eternity has a project in the works, too. “It’s basically finished, I just want to make sure it’s perfect for my listeners now,” she tells Us. “It’s going to be a fire Project definitely…I think my listeners will learn a lot more about me this next project.”, Says Eternity.

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WATCH HER EXCLUSIVE YOUTUBE VIDEOS – https://youtube.com/channel/UCWHgHOYyS19dkb3LY0nAq4g

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