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Skin Doctors: The Best In Skincare

Want to give your pores the deep cleaning they deserve? We know who to call. Need to find out the latest in lasers? We’ve got the woman for you. Dying to know Demi Moore’s kundalini guru? We have her info and are sharing it with you in our series of Top Flight files on Violet Code–approved beauty experts and destinations.

Here, the dermatologists who have set the standard for ageless, healthy skin.

Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha, MD

New York, NY

Dr. Rahi has a clinic in Beverly Hills that has changed life physically and emotionally. She is a known name in the field of aesthetics, integrative and anti-aging medicine in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NYC.


New York, NY

Wechsler is the only woman in the United States to hold a board certification in both dermatology and psychiatry, which allows her to help patients cope with underlying stressors that affect skin.


New York, NY

This distinguished dermatologic surgeon is sought for her ability to zap wrinkles and spot skin cancers.


New York, NY

Fusco’s anti-aging expertise goes beyond the world of wrinkles to include tricky-to-treat issues like hair loss.

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