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Slave to Hip Hop

This story begins in the year 1775.

Centuries before Ernest Super Cooper was born.

It was the year that his 5th great grandfather was born.

Cooper traced his roots and discovered.

He is a descendant of African American slaves.

This book has a large collection of freedom fighters.

Some of the most outstanding African American slaves.

They fought in the Revolutionary War.

As a matter of fact they had one of the most fascinating Black Regiments in

US military history. Cooper’s own great grandfather fought in the Civil War.

Cooper grew up like a semi-slave boy himself. 

He was born on a farm in Weeksville, North Carolina.

He worked in some of the same fields that his great grandparents worked in

as slaves. He can still hear their voices echoing in the same fields

where they worked. Can you imagine how they must have felt as slaves? At

the age of 15 he moved to New York City.

In the schools he got into the grooves of music, fashion and art.

His research, colorful illustrations and writing skills grew.

He created Black History Hip Hop Rhythm and Blues

But he soon realized that the more he creates the more he becomes a slave.

Slave to Hip Hop

By: Ernest Super Cooper

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