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The Meteor Man – Remake by Oronde Lewis is in Full Swing

  • Written by: Brendan Luck

Remember the cult classic 1993 film the Meteor Man? The original Robert Townsend superhero sci-fi comedy film broke barriers as one of the first superhero films to feature a black actor in the lead role. With appearances from James Earl Jones, Bill Cosby, Luther Vandross, Sinbad, and Big Daddy Kane, Meteor Man was a celebration of black culture and has been cherished by the black community since its release nearly 30 years ago.

Fans of the original film should be excited, as Meteor Man is now getting a timely remake from up-and-coming director and writer in the short film circuit Oronde Lewis. Lewis’ company Brooklyn Vision Films is reviving the film, and the timing could not be more perfect. With more and more audiences clamoring for black representation within cinema, Lewis’ vision for the film is to continue that prominent legacy of black culture within the remake, but to also include a strong Indian presence within the film as well. Fans of the original film should definitely not miss the opportunity to see their favorite characters from the original reborn in a fresh and exciting way.

The buzz surrounding the production of this remake couldn’t be more lively, as large film studios are taking note of the remake, with the possibility of collaboration on the horizon. This should come as no surprise however, as Lewis’ production company Brooklyn Vision films has possible connections to powerhouse production companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and 40 Acres and a Mule Film Company. This should come as no surprise, as large film studios are increasingly trying to find ways to uplift the black community and bring more crucial black representation to the film industry.

Auditions for the remake have already begun, with Lewis’ looking to recapture the magic the original cast brought to the 1993 film.

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