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The Netflix Age Meets the Legal Profession – How Adopting the Streaming Model Provides Access to Sustainable Legal Services

The basic model of legal representation has remained unchanged for decades: the lawyer charges hundreds of dollars on an hourly basis to perform the required service for the client. Unfortunately, this model limits legal access to higher income individuals. To solve this issue, Ladis & Baldwin Law Group, PLLC drew on the streaming services for inspiration. Ladis & Baldwin’s new revolutionary service Legal Nexus is a subscription fee law service that will allow more people to have access to quality representation from lawyers they can trust. Instead of paying an hourly fee and writing retainer agreements every time they need a legal service, they will have already paid for those services through a monthly subscription. Two of the plans offered are the Individual Plan and the Independent Contractor Plan. For example, under the Individual Plan, a client can have one contract reviewed a month at a maximum of 15 pages. They are also provided with legal advice through the phone, representation for traffic tickets, lease review, pre-nuptial agreements, real estate contracts, and investment contracts. Additionally, the client has representation if they get arrested. For services extending beyond the subscription fee, a member discount will be applied.

Legal Nexus is a necessary service. By some estimates, 80% of middle- and lower-income individuals cannot afford basic legal services. The high costs of legal services deny individuals the benefits of proper legal representation. Those who would not ordinarily be able to afford legal representation can turn to Legal Nexus as the subscription plan is more affordable than the traditional hourly fee. At current rates, $100 an hour would be considered cheap. Even with that amount, a few of these services would cost more than paying a monthly subscription fee over the course of a year. While there are other legal services using a subscription model, what stands out with Legal Nexus is that there is no middleman. When a client signs up, they are signing up directly with the law firm. They know who the lawyers are and the work product they provide.

For any potential client, an important question will be: “How can Ladis & Baldwin afford to price their services so low?” The answer comes in two parts. First, spreading the cost around to many clients every month minimizes the cost to each person. Second, Ladis & Baldwin appreciate that legal services should be based on trust and personal connection. Whenever an included service is needed, the law firm will cover the service. This builds a relationship between the law firm and the client. When a service is required beyond those covered by the subscription, such as litigation or writing a longer contract, the client already knows the work Ladis & Baldwin produces and can entrust them with their legal needs. Under the subscription model, the law is accessible to everyone regardless of their income.

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