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The paradox of Instagram

Many of you have really wondered about Instagram and have not really been able to understand it. In this article I analyze Instegram and blue badge. You can read many articles about Instagram on the web written by Hacker and other people with financial purposes who cheat you. I spent several years getting to know Instagram and getting to know how it works. I started by looking at how some people had millions of likes and views and some had a blue badge while others did not. I started researching, reading and complying with Instagram’s requirements. In my research, I came to the conclusion that neither followers nor engagement matters when it comes to getting the blue badge as many people imagine. I also came to the conclusion that being notable as a blue badge requirement is a misleading concept Instagram uses to create popularity, because what does it mean to be notable? “Worthy of attention or notice; remarkable”.  I noticed that only notable people could be accepted by Wikipedia but it is very paradoxical because even though people like the Iranian BBC reporter YALDA HAKIM have Wikipedia, they still don’t have the blue badge ( YmMyMTA2M2Y=). It doesn’t end here; the bodybuilder Nick Walter, who is very committed and well known, doesn’t have a blue badge either…but what is it about?

I found out that many people, even if they didn’t have Wikipedia, had the blue badge, so we can rule out the term notable, which is otherwise used by Instagram to make itself popular. The truth is that Instagram has created a new reality among the people. As in the old days when the white French man François Bernier created racial division and a new reality for the world, Instagram managed to create a new class division in the digital world.”The modern concept of race is a product of colonial interprises  of European powers from the 16th to 18th centuries that identified race in terms of skin color and physical difference”. The white man again managed to create a new reality consisting of three class divisions: the popular (high class) notable celebrity with a blue badge, the (middle class) celebrity without a blue badge, and the lower class with followers under 10 thousand(without status). This class division has been good business for many hackers , Instegram and Instagrammers(The constructed celebrity), where millions of people spend massive fortunes to look famous compared to others and obtain the blue badge. What really matters is that the Instagram/Facebook team makes an assessment of your company or you regarding the high risk of impersonation, which is an assessment and it is not about whether you are well-known, notable or have been in the newspaper. We, together with other actors such as journalists, help to construct this reality .Medialization has made life easier for millions of people but it has also created confusion and a new reality that does not match the actual reality. With this, I, Arvin Niknia, have once again written an article in which this time I make you aware of the paradox behind Instegram.

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