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The psychological landscapes of the painter Maurizio D’Andrea

Maurizio D’Andrea, is a contemporary multi-media artist born just outside of Naples in 1967 and currently living in the town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy. D’Andrea’s artistic journey began an adolescent, initially moved by an interest in traditional landscape painting. An unsurprising inspiration for a child growing up at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and who went on to graduate with honors in volcanology and geological studies.

Although adept in numerous disciplines, the heart of D’Andrea’s art is witnessed in his practice as a painter. Here is a world of bold, energetic abstraction and spontaneous expression. For an artist who owes his start to a love of the landscape, and particularly the unseen and unpredictable layers beneath, D’Andrea undertook an appropriate inward turn to what he terms “romantic interior landscapes”, a dedicated exploration of the human mind in both conscious and subconscious states.

D’Andrea draws on an expressionist tradition where subjective and lyrical investigations play out his “landscapes of the soul”. Consider the artist’s Prendimi, a painting that invites the viewer to seize it through its very name – take me! This exultation is rendered in acrylic with a bold but still gentle palette of swirling pink and retreating blue. You can feel a thoroughly kinetic quality to this energy as sensation forms and emotion swells on the canvas. This literal sense of motion tells us that gesture and bodily sensation drive D’Andrea’s enquiry into the soul. This becomes more explicit in D’Andrea’s Anima in Movimento, effectively a call to arms for a practice that captures the “soul in motion”.

This painterly foundation supports a larger practice where D’Andrea moves freely and masterfully through a variety of other media. An experimental and investigative sensibility takes the artist beyond sculpture, photography, poetry and traditional moving-image and into a realm of digital and generative arts, applying technology to explore with the same vigor as he does with paint. Like the faces on a gemstone, these disciplines meld into a complete artistic practice defined by a singular dedication to emotion and energy. This boundless passion is perhaps best summed up by the artist’s way with the written word, “I will walk on infinity”.


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