Trump uses Biden’s COVID-19 rebound to re-air complaints about 2020 election

Former President Donald Trump is using President Biden’s coronavirus “rebound” to revive his grievances about the 2020 election.

Mr. Biden tested positive for the virus over the weekend after having tested negative following a course of Paxlovid pills, a boomerang effect seen in other people who have taken the antiviral drug from Pfizer.

Mr. Trump, who frequently criticized Mr. Biden’s mental state during the 2020 campaign, theorized that Mr. Biden has dementia.

The ex-president said Mr. Biden should live in a nursing home that Mr. Trump and his orbit have linked to possible voter fraud.

“Joe Biden’s second bout of Covid, sometimes referred to as the China Virus, was sadly misdiagnosed by his doctors,” Mr. Trump said late Sunday on Truth Social, the social media platform he launched after getting kicked off Twitter.

“He instead has Dementia, but is happily recovering well. Joe is thinking of moving, part time, to one of those beautiful Wisconsin Nursing Homes, where almost 100% of the residents miraculously, and for the first time in history, had the strength and energy to vote — even if those votes were cast illegally. Get well soon, Joe!” Mr. Trump wrote.

White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor said Mr. Biden tested positive Saturday despite having tested negative four times during the previous week.

The doctor called it an instance of Paxlovid rebound and said Mr. Biden will be tested regularly to detect any viral replication and avoid giving the virus to others.

Dr. O’Connor said Mr. Biden feels well and his symptoms have not returned.

Experts say Paxlovid rebound impacts a small percentage of recipients, although Dr. Anthony Fauci also experienced it this year.

Researchers say it might have something to do with how the drug is metabolized in certain individuals and whether it reaches enough infected cells to stop all viral replication.

However, experts say the drug appears to be staving off severe disease as it did in clinical trials.

For more information, visit The Washington Times COVID-19 resource page.

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