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Tv series Promise is a historical epic of the largest Arab productions will be scored by the movie composer Youssef Guezoum.

Al-Najma Media Company and Cinematheque Media Company announced the end of filming their huge historical series Promise, which was filmed five months ago amid great secrecy about the details.

After completing the scores for two Tv-series with MBC,The Moroccan film composer Youssef Guezoum received great approval from the producers to join to work with a group of Arab stars and actors, among whom we mention:

Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr from Saudi Arabia, Nidal Najim from Syria, Mahira Abdel Aziz from the UAE, Muhammad Muftah from Morocco, Naglaa Abdullah and Ziad Al-Tawati from Tunisia, Adwa Fahd and Muhammad Al-Hashem from Saudi Arabia, Sheila Sabt from Bahrain, Ibrahim Al-Zadjali from Oman, Khaled Najm and Ahmed Sorour from Jordan and a large number of representatives.

The first part was filmed entirely in Morocco, in different cities, including Marrakech, Agadir, Ouarzazate studios, and the historical city of Ait Ben Haddou, during the past five months, and the project has been allocated a very huge production potential for its implementation at the highest technical level. Technical energies and high-level production teams from all over the world were mobilized, as a photography team from Italy, led by Director of Photography Alessandro Chiodo, and foreign costume design and makeup teams were hired. The final montage has recently begun in Abu Dhabi.

The general supervisor of the productive work, Yasser Fahmy, stated that the series (The Promise) is a story, script and dialogue of two of the most important writers of drama and cinema in the Arab world, where the task was entrusted to Egyptian writers Abdel Rahim Kamal and scriptwriter Nasser Abdel Rahman. The work is directed by Tunisian filmmaker Mohamed El Khiari, and the artistic producer of the project is Hedi Karnit.

Khaled Abdel Rahman, General Manager of Al-Najma Media Company, explained that this huge work falls within the seasonal work, as the work is scheduled to consist of eight episodes in the first season that was filmed, and it will consist of four consecutive seasons, and with the end of the implementation of the first season, preparations for the implementation of the season began The second and third of it, at the same technical and high production level.

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