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With her new self-penned album Why Chapter One, TaniA Kyllikki pours forth her heart and soul.

Her in-depth musical style is becoming well-known and appreciated worldwide. TaniA Kyllikki, a British modern Pop R&B singer-songwriter, has released her first official album, which is both beautiful and heart-warming. TaniA’s album was inspired by genuine experiences in her own life. This relevant album, like her previous single releases in 2021, showcases her amazing power-house vocal range, conveyed throughout with her honest story-telling in her lyrics.

Her most recent album, Why Chapter One, was released in January 2022. Starting at 27, she lasted in the Top100, Amazon Hot New Releases In POP Albums, for a full three weeks.

WHY, This is Who I Am, Puppet on a String, and Many Shades of Grey, among the album’s featured songs, all deal with the reality of emotional abuse and finding one’s self-worth. There’s also a poignant featured song on miscarriage. TaniA’s second song on the album, What If, describes the sorrow of wondering what could’ve been. RARE and Lie with Me are two songs about finding one’s soulmate. And the consequences of being emotionally scarred by past relationships, as detailed in TaniA’s album opener, Handle with Care. TaniA closes her album with a song called My Hero. In the darkest moments of her life, she received a positive message of courage, optimism, and unconditional love from someone she describes as a hero. Each song by this emerging inspirational singer-songwriter has a very distinct and astounding message.

With her fiancé and music partner Garry D. Hairston, she co-wrote and co-produced the album. The power couple has co-written and co-produced enough music for numerous albums thanks to their collaborative efforts. TaniA’s self-penned song releases have racked up millions of streams since 2020. In 2021, she received the assistance of R&B Grammy winner NeYo, who hosted and presented her hit song “Remind Me” to the world. Shortly after, award-winning DJ Jo Paulo from London remixed and released the tune. This R&B song has over a million Spotify streams across the original and remix. TaniA has also garnered excellent acclaim, in the press, the “Digital Journal” article expresses her as being “A Lyrical Genius.” TaniA has been published in over 40 popular music magazines and blogs since 2021, all of which have given her excellent evaluations. TaniA was also featured on the front covers of two well-known magazines. In July 2021, the New Music Times, published a positive review about TaniA placing her on the front cover for their July issue. Then, PREMIERE One, gave an astonishing album review, then placed TaniA on the front cover of their February 2022 issue, earlier this month.

Despite her sadness, she is determined to find happiness. TaniA Kyllikki has bravely stood up against bullies. She’s stated that she’s proud of who she is, and sees herself as being a butterfly, reborn into this strong young woman. Demonstrating to all abused victims around the world that it’s normal to feel upset and that speaking up against abuse is a positive thing. Despite all odds, TaniA was also born with cardiac abnormality that has caused mini strokes, she suffers from autoimmune conditions that make her feel weak. Her unshakable resolve to achieve what she was born to do, which is to combine beautiful music with amazing story-telling, will in turn inspire and impact many lives.

Why Chapter One, is available to download on Amazon and stream in Spotify and other stores across the world.

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