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Your Child’s Memorable Guide to Climate Change

You know that your child is the future.  And so does the world.  But does your little one understand just what that potential they have to save the planet?  If you want to find an engaging way to show them, this colorful and informative book on climate change is made just for them to understand what the future could hold if the right minds come together!

The future of our world

Right now, we are living in a box of smog, pollution, single-use waste, and more.  This story starts there with Noah and Mila as narrators, enjoying their lives in this grey world with no understanding of what anything else is like.  They step outside of their box and discover the green world of trees and clean air and more, meeting some friends along the way. 

Through the adventure of these narrators, your little one can expose their minds and creativity to just what is out there as far as where we are now versus where we want to be in the future — and how they can help us get there.

The themes parents want

When you take a detailed look at Lucia Matuonto’s Out of The Box, you’ll see that all of the themes that we hear about as aids and supports are mentioned with a positive and productive tone, including the importance of clean air, renewable energy sources, and the ability to practice zero waste.

A book kids will love

Told through curious Noah and Mila and featuring the adventures of mischievous Buster, the dog, this book is going to entertain little readers and help them to understand just how they, too, can take on the world and make it a better and greener space.

This is going to be a beautiful bedtime story that will keep their attention from start to end, learning valuable things along the way.  Whether your child is naturally interested in learning about climate change or not, this is going to engage the young mind and help it to do more.

Author, Lucia Matuonto

The future is changeable

While this book informs little ones on the realities of climate, it keeps an upbeat tone and reminds us that the future is changeable and that all we have to do is work on preserving nature and saving our planet through doable tasks like recycling, reducing or eliminating single-use waste, and how they can be a part of positive change.

With bright illustrations and a captivating story for readers of all ages, this book is going to be the modern parent’s choice when you’re looking for a chance to enjoy something different, helpful, and educational.  The goal of this book is to be so inviting that kids remember it for years to come, and it will fuel them to make better changes for the future that will make the difference we all need and want to see in our modern world.  It’s a tall order, but the potential of a young child’s mind is unmatched!  All it takes is the right idea to push them forward into infinity.

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