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Your Next Right Steps: Author Chris Reed on Building Lasting Success

When speaking of his book, Your Next Right Steps, bestselling author and speaker Chris Reed admits “It took months to type but years to write.” Released in the fall of 2020 amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic, the book has since gone on to reach both national and international acclaim, offering to readers a very practical and candid approach to finding success in the midst of ever-changing times. “Anything can happen in life,” Reed says. “Whether you’re just starting out or finally starting over, everything can change by just taking that first step.” In Your Next Right Steps, Reed shares uncanny vulnerability when detailing many of his very own “turning point” moments within his own life.

In Your Next Right Steps, Reed offers to the world the secrets that he shares with his own clients when offering success coaching, saying, “Success begins with a decision.” Since the recent success of the book, Reed is now in greater demand than ever before, reaching a new worldwide clientele as a highly sought speaker and training coach. But due to Reed’s keen insight and ability to blend success principles and coaching techniques with elements of spirituality and philosophy, his reach far exceeds and surpasses the coaching industry alone. Many refer to Reed as a spiritual teacher, looking to his insight when facing all matters of daily life. According to Reed, “Finding success is one thing. Living successfully is another.” This practical approach to spirituality has never been more apparent than in his highly anticipated upcoming release, The Metaphysical Christ, slated for worldwide release before the year’s end. To schedule coaching sessions, contact the offices of Chris Reed directly by visiting The blockbuster bestseller Your Next Right Steps in now available worldwide, wherever books are sold.

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