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Over the past few years, blockchain technology has received a lot of attention, growing it beyond the admiration of Bitcoin enthusiasts, and into the financial experts and investors’ popular discussion tables. This is a testament to the stories of JPMorgan and Facebook exploring possible ways to implement this technology to improve service delivery.

In almost all business sectors and industries, the positive impact of blockchain has been uniquely felt. Though blockchain is more prevalent in the financial and service payment market, its influence is rapidly increasing in other sectors such as healthcare, supply chain, defense, politics, real estate, legal industry and education, among others.

A Project of Zappay Aiming to Bring Change

ZAPPAY, a project of entrepreneur and business woman Elizabeth Jack-Rich who was one Forbes as one of the top up and coming woman entreprenuers who are revolutionizing the digital economy. Zappay is aiming to change this by creating a complete financial ecosystem which consists of decentralized banking, trading, a crypto payment gateway, a dedicated decentralized application (dApp) distribution store, and a remittance engine

for African and Global Markets which has a customer potential of over 300 million people in west Africa alone.

In this pursuit, Zappay has already launched zappay coin and a crypto asset swap elizaswap in 2022, that allows swapping various crypto markets simultaneously. Similarly, Zappay will have launched Zappay services which allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies across merchants and e-commerce platforms.

Both Zappay recognized the immediate need to focus on paving the way for mass deployment of crypto and blockchain solutions in the real world, so that everyday consumers from emerging markets can start to actively use and spend cryptocurrencies and fiat at locations such as stores, hotels, restaurants, stadiums and venues. Zappay also has strategic partnerships being formed with various elite consulting and investments firms such as Veltrust to push wider implementation of the Zappay suite of services.

When asked about the vision, Zabbpay founder, Elizabeth said, “With the ecosystem offered by Zappay, it certainly has the potential to simplify spending of crypto in the real world. Zappay’s latest efforts for technology adoption in Africa are going to help both companies serve customer needs while leading the effort in this industry towards real world implementation of cryptocurrency.”

According to Veltrust CEO, Jaian Cuttari, “This partnership will help reach the realization of a vision of a world where people can start spending crypto currency in everyday places.”

“Imagine having access to over a thousand food stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, concerts and much more: all ready to accept your crypto currencies and that too at a priority. This is what we hope to achieve with Zappay and Veltrust.” Jaian Cuttari added.

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