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Benefits of working for Rexit, a leading business automation software development company in Ukraine

Ever since Russia attacked Ukraine in late February of 2022, the country of Ukraine has been facing a growing humanitarian crisis leading to massive casualties in terms of human lives and the damage of physical properties. Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia had been amassing troops in the Russia-Ukraine border since October 2021. Apart from live troops, satellite imagery and intelligence reports showed that Russia was also moving missiles, armours and other kinds of heavy weaponry towards the border of Russia and Ukraine without any official explanation. In fact, the deployment of troops carried out by Russia is considered to be the largest since the days of Cold War. As negotiations conducted between US, Russia and various European nations like Germany and France did not lead to a resolution, situation became critical in the border conflict between Russia and Ukraine which led to a full-on attack. 

As a part of the Russo-Ukrainian War that has been going on since February 2014, problems escalated ever since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. Multiple political tensions, incidents of cyber warfare, naval attacks and armed conflicts have been taking place ever since 2014 and this conflict has reached new levels of extremity since 2022. According to the statistics presented by the United Nations, more than a whopping 11 million people have fled from their homes in different parts of Ukraine. A large number of these refugees have taken shelter in countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary. Apart from residents who are originally from Ukraine, there are also international students and people from other nationalities who have been staying in Ukraine for work purposes. The bombs and shells that have been used by the Russians have led to the damaging of many hospitals, government buildings and offices and this has led to a massive damage in terms of their infrastructure. Many of the citizens of Ukraine are now fighting for their country and trying to protect their land against the Russian forces. 

Like any other war, the attack of Russians on the Ukrainians has led to massive displacement of people within the country. Heart-breaking scenes of people walking on the streets not being able to find their family members and loved ones have been documented by photojournalists. Many people are not even sure if their loved ones are alive or not or whether they will be able to see them again. Men and women with disabilities are having a hard time moving to places of safety. The severe damage to infrastructure has made it even more difficult for people to find work and have access to resources that they need for their daily survival. The hospitals are having a hard time attending to patient needs as their stocks of antibiotics, medicines and blood products are getting rapidly consumed. The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has also made matters worse for the health sector as there are currently thousands of patients currently seeking treatment in the Ukraine hospitals. The war time situation in Ukraine has also made it difficult for people to have easy access to clean water and sanitation. It is therefore no wonder that the current situation in Ukraine has also led to depression and mental health disorder in many people. 

In light of the current events, it is important that people have sufficient financial resources so that they are able to deal with the difficult times brought on by the war. One of the ways in which people in Ukraine are able to do that is by working at the IT company Rexit. Its industry has developed tremendously in the last decade or so and therefore it has become a lucrative career option for many to work in the IT sector. Rexit is a business automation software development company with a global presence and recognition. The company is dedicated to bring the best of custom CRM and ERP software systems. At present, Rexit is looking to make a difference in the life of people of Ukraine by hiring them so that they can support their family members and save their country. Working with Rexit can be one of the most important highlights in any IT professional’s career and this is why many people in Ukraine are now looking to work with this company.

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