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Mietall Walus Confronts the Polish Politicians with Latest Single

Mietall Walus, the co-founder of Lenny Valentino and a leader of the “Negatyw” band in Poland has earlier this month released a brand new single called “Chlopaku Pocaluj Mnie”, translated to “Boy, Kiss Me” which brought the attention of the LGBT community in Poland.

The artist was inspired to write this piece when the draft resolution on LGBT-free zones in Poland was introduced. Many politicians in the ruling Law and Justice Party in Poland, including the president, have campaigned against the rights of the LGBTQ community.

This initiative may not have originated with the Polish government, but let us be clear: the government’s normalization of hateful rhetoric has created an environment in which people feel empowered to spew bigotry and artists like Mietall and others around the  world are standing against to help overturn this narrative. Mietall Waluś also runs a foundation called Maszmnie.org, focused on popularizing knowledge about depression and how to deal with it. Mietall and his team receive a lot of messages from young people who take their own lives through such negative narratives.

The song “Chłopaku Kiss me” comes from the album AUTOSTYGMATYZACJA, which is produced by Marcin Bors and will be released later this year. In the video of Boy, Kiss Me, the main role, along with Mietall Walus, was played by Oskar Stańczak from the Prince Charming program which was the first gay-themed program of its kind to be aired on television. The song is available on all major streaming platforms and you can watch the video now on YouTube.

“In these difficult times in which we have been living for several years, I would very much like this song to raise a smile on our face and be associated positively” – Mietall Waluś.

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