California jewelry store robbed of millions

At least five sledgehammer-wielding suspects remain at large after Tuesday’s violent smash-and-grab robbery of as much as $5 million worth of merchandise at Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills.

Peter Sedghi, the store’s owner, said he initially thought the sledgehammer swings were gunshots. He estimates it took the suspects eight to 10 swings at each case to break the thick glass protecting the items.

Mr. Sedghi told the New York Post that the suspects took many high-end items.

“We sell high-end jewelry and watches, so they took big diamonds, big necklaces, Rolexes, Patek Philippe. They knew exactly what to take,” Mr. Sedgh told the New York Post. “Thank God, no one was hurt.”

The account “Street People of Beverly hills” posted a video of the incident on Instagram.

Lt. Giovanni Trejo, a spokesperson for Beverly Hills Police, said the suspects arrived at the store in a stolen SUV but left in a second vehicle.

Mr. Trejo said investigators are still trying to identify the second car and that there could be more suspects in that getaway vehicle.

“The identification of the suspects at this point is not clear, even their genders, for that matter,” Mr. Trejo said. “They appear to be males, but we have not determined that yet. Because it was so fast and quick, it’s going to take a little bit of time to make sure that we arrive at the proper conclusions.”

Police are urging witnesses to come forward with any information regarding the incident. 

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