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Marcus Bell/Calmsurble Mixed Reality Artist Actor and Musician

Marcus Owen Bell is a Mixed Reality Artist who, through his and Calmsurble, has been working with clients worldwide to provide them with extraordinary results that are difficult to find elsewhere. He creates an emotional bond between the artist and their audience by using immersive technology.

Marcus Bell or Calmsurble?

When it comes to Marcus Bell, there are two personas that he goes by – Marcus Bell and Calmsurble. Marcus Owen Bell is his given name, while Calmsurble is his stage name. While both names are used interchangeably, they offer a unique perspective on the man behind the art.

 Marcus Bell is a classically trained actor and musician who has always had a passion for the arts. He began his career as a theatre actor but quickly transitioned into film and television. He has since appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Calmsurble, on the other hand, is Bell’s alter ego – an artist who creates mixed reality art. This side of Bell came about after he started experimenting with virtual reality and augmented reality technology. He was fascinated by how these technologies could be used to create new and immersive experiences.

Since then, Bell has been using his acting and musician skills to create Calmsurble’s Kabuki Theatre. These pieces are designed to be experienced in various ways, including through virtual reality headsets, mobile apps, and even in physical spaces.

The Pokimane Musical

This is hands down one of the most entertaining pieces of music I have ever watched. The visuals used throughout the presentation are stunning despite their quality. The seriousness of this art cannot be understated. The simplistic design coupled with the down-to-earth presentation propels this seemingly amateur video into a masterpiece. First of all, the presentation was very hilarious. These are some of the funniest animations that I’ve ever watched. I was glued to the screen the moment I put it on. One more aspect of the video that made me quite impressed was the overall idea of the piece. I particularly like the moral lesson behind the animation and the idea to distribute your creation for free will also go a long way to educating the masses.

Marcus Bell’s mixed reality art in the future

As technology advances, so does how artists can create their work. Marcus Bell is a mixed reality artist using this new technology to create some amazing art. His work is the mix of digital and physical elements that come together to create a unique experience.

Bell’s work is not only visually stunning, but it also has a message. He often uses his art to comment on current events or make a statement about the world around us. His work is something to keep an eye on in the future!


Marcus Owen Bell is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for himself in the mixed reality. As an actor, musician, and artist, he has created immersive and interactive experiences that are truly unique.

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