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Meet Filip Boksa: Founder of a Bootstrap Initiative Who Aims to Make BookingKoala a Unicorn Without External Capital

The life journey of an entrepreneur is often unpredictable and full of highs and lows. It comes with its own challenges as well as opportunities for growth. There are days when your venture skyrockets, and then there are gloomy days where the business performance is not as per your expectations. To deal with diverse situations, an entrepreneur needs to be resilient, patient, and confident enough to make major moves. Running a business requires putting the right resources at the right time and the right place to have maximum benefits.

A business is not the sole responsibility of the owner, but the team members as well, who play a major role in its success. One such example of an entrepreneurial mindset is that of Filip Boksa, who gives credit to his team for keeping up with the advancement of technology to have BookingKoala as a true success. Boksa talks about his day-to-day life as an entrepreneur and how he started out his venture as a bootstrapped initiative. He is a prime example of someone who wishes to make his business a unicorn without the help of any outside investment, which in itself showcases his risk-taking abilities that every entrepreneur should have.

Boksa’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 19 when he started Kings of Maids, a home cleaning service in Chicago with one of his friends. With just a minimum investment of $6000, Boksa was able to scale it to $5,000,000 in revenue in just 3 years’ time. After his memorable achievement, Boksa decided to invest in BookingKoala, of which he is a co-founder and aims to make it a unicorn down the line. The Polish entrepreneur is a motivating example for those who wish to start their own business but rely on outside capital. Boksa, who started hustling at the young age of 16, gives the message that there is no need for external investors to scale heights in your business. He inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to start with whatever resources they have and then play it by ear.

Through his experience, Boksa also mentions that one needs to do every menial task in the beginning, which he did with proper time management and managing his busy schedules and classes. He says that once this phase is over, an entrepreneur gets to delegate those activities to just focus on the major events of the business. “It just goes to show you that if you keep on working hard, doors will open themselves up for you. I never thought of building something like BookingKoala, but when the opportunity opened up, I went for it”, mentions Boksa.

Boksa motivates the youth to think out of the box and be creative in this competitive world that is full of ideas. He suggests budding entrepreneurs take the help of social media to increase their engagement, improve conversions, and convert customers. Boksa also advises them to make proper use of the available resources at hand. He quotes, “At the end of the first year after we implemented the full software, we looked back on the numbers and saw that we had saved over $100,000 by getting rid of three staff members simply because we didn’t need them anymore. This was huge because we used that money for marketing, which made us grow even faster. ”

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