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Taeler Made Sewing Her Life Together

Content Writer, Christine M Feliciano

It all started at a very young age for the fabulous Taeler Made. Growing up, she watched many of her family members design 3-piece suits from scratch, one thread and detail at a time. Taeler dreamt of having a sewing machine, and her dream came true on her 12th birthday. Little did she know at the time that after so many trips around the sun, she would later bring her passion to life with a lucrative business, Taelermadedancewear.

The well-rounded entrepreneur, designer, entertainer, public figure, mother, and social media influencer has a distinct vision that accompanies hours of hand-threaded pieces by the very own Taeler. Her works are made to fit every curve and entertain all styles with various fabrics. With over 28 thousand followers on Instagram, we are excited to have front seats to Taeler’s latest creations. She states, “Not everyone can envision my vision or adhere to my thought process; therefore, it is easier for me just to do the work myself.”

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